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Claim Now With Tiger Team?

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My claim is now 19 months old. It was farmed out by Chicago RO to Cleveland RO 28 June 06 for rating decision. I have inquired faithfully every two weeks and every response was that it was at the rating board for decision and due to heavy backlog of claims it may take between 3 and 4 months.

When I inquired yesterday I was told my claim is not at the rating board anymore and is now being worked by the TIGER TEAM? The Chicago VA rep said they had no further info they could give me and also they had no idea now of when I would receive the rating decision.

Is this not odd? I am not dying or elderly, I am 58. The claims were filed with ED of 25 Mar 2005.

Does anyone know why the TIGER TEAM would have my claim after already being at the rating board for 4 months. The VA rep couldn't tell me anything about the TIGER TEAM or what they do or why my claim went from so long at the rating board to the tiger team.

On one of my claims for skull loss I did prove I should get awarded 80% for skull loss with hernia and retro pay back to Nov 1976. I claimed it and have the records back in 1976. Although the VA service connected my TBI for Post Concussion Residuals, Left Temporal Lobe, chronic at 10%, they failed to service connect the skull loss that was done in the same surgery for the TBI while on active duty.

If anyone has a clue as to what is going on, please post. I am in the dark about the Tiger Team and worse yet the VA said they were sorry they could not even give me a ballpark as to when I may receive the decision. I just thought this seemed odd and backwards.

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Calm Down;

This is probably a good thing. The Tiger Team tries to handle the older claims and they rated me last year and I got an increase from 40% to 70% Combined Rating. This was good they gave me what I asked for except for IU. I knew I wasn't going to get that because I was still working.

They seem to be a lot fairer then the RO. So hang in there you will here something soon.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

Rocky I agree with Michelle you are probably fortunate that your claim was moved to the Tiger Team. Good Luck

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Simply put, ready to rate claims are sometimes sent to less busy raters to be rated.

While I can't say whether or not Tiger Team will give you a better rating, you will get a faster rating.

Yep, it's a good thing.


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Great!!! I hope it is a good thing because I had hoped to get a decision at the end of Sep according to the VA after being at the rating board all that time..... I just wonder what did the rating board do with it because I was told the rating board began working on it in late July.....What could they have done with it all that time?

The claim was actually at the rating board in late July. From 28 Jun to late July it was in a "Ready to Rate" status.

I hope you folks are right and I hear something soon, and not the VA definition of soon.

Do you think I will hear something by the end of Oct?

It just seems to me that every step of the way since my claim was submitted, the VA has been expediting it at every point. However, all the expediting is taking longer and adding more delays and it just don't make sense.


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Being ready to rate or "with the rating board" doesn't nesicarily mean that it is actually being worked on by a rater. It just means its in a pile with the rest of 'em thats ready to rate untill someone gets to it.

Now that it has gone to another facility it will will be done. Can't guess as to a date though.

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