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Shoulder Replacement Near Future

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I have bone-on-bone of the non-dominant shoulder and the VA Hospital in OKC is going to do the total shoulder replacement. I am interested in hearing from a few vets that have had shoulder arthroplasty and how they did post-surgery. Dr Betsy Nolan is going to be the surgeon and she has done over 500 shoulder replacements and that is far, far more than any surgeons in OKC.

So please, give some advise and tell me how the end product was. I know about the 100% for one year and 30-60% thereafter but I'm primarily interested in the outcome of the surgery.

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Dr Nolan when asked who will do the surgery said, "I will do the surgery."  Post surgery I had some problems with "clunking" of the shoulder joint on movement and pain and I went back in on my own to see what was wrong and a PA saw me and took me to Dr Nolan whereupon she said it was normal.  Went back to the PA's office and she said. "It's not normal but don't tell her I said that."  Time passes a few more months and I see a new Dr in charge of Ortho because Nolan is gone into private practice.  The new Dr said that there was problem but to take it easy.  I went into myhealthvet and find that Nolan did not do the surgery, she was the attending and a rookie resident did the surgery.  Months passed and I went in for my annual f/u with my provider and I complained of pain on movement, trouble sleeping on the left side so she sent me to an outside Orthopod who said the surgery failed and he wanted to do a reverse shoulder replacement and I declined.

Sooner or later I am going to file a claim on the shoulder-probably sooner because I have had increasing pain and recently I was rear ended in an auto accident and the shoulder is more painful than before.  I figured I'd answer my own question in the hopes that it will help others who have had a failed total shoulder arthroplasty

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