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How To Deal With Bogus Cat One Violent Record Flags - Things I Know.

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In hopes that this is the correct site, and this is the correct forum, upon permission from the site moderator I will post the tactics, methods, and stratagems that I have employed after being incorrectly labelled, and with malicious intent, a Category One Violent and Disruptive Patient. Commonly known as a Patient Record Flag (PRF). I have made extensive use of the Privacy Act of 1974, and the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA), and stand ready to present the official documents verifying what you will not believe without documentation. You just will not believe it.

The PRF in my case was originally issued by the Manager of the Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC). According FOIA documents obtained by me, along with the official letter from the Chief Of Staff, in an act of shear either stupidity, or arrogance said precisely why they had so labelled me.

What did I do, according to the official letter sent me by Chief of Staff, and the minutes of the DBC that got me labelled as a Violent Patient?

FACT: I went as a private citizen to the Circuit Court building about a five-ten in walk from my apartment. Filled out a simple to fill out form regarding some disturbing telephone calls made to me by the clinic manager, who threatened to terminate my care (100% schedular vet), if I did not stop FAXing complaints about chronic medications shortages. The Judge, under a State Statute issued a Restraining Order To Prevent Further Abuse, naming myself as the protected person, and the CBOC manager as the Molester.

This was possible in my State, because of a seldom used version of the Restraining Order mechanism that allows a disabled person to beg the court for relief if they become threatened by anyone within state boundaries with the discontinuation of medical care. Please note that this particular statute was available to me ONLY because I qualified as a "Person with a disability".

The RO was obtained legally, and with merit of fact. NEVER LIE! This gives the enemy the means to defeat you.

Details will follow upon approval by admin, so place and names and exact legal statutes will be withheld until I am granted permission.

FACT: The VHA in official letter to me, and confirmed by FOIA documents, placed a Category One Violent and Disruptive PRF overtly onto me with the stated reason that I had obtained a Restraining Order to Prevent Further Abuse which named me as the protected person and the CBOC manager as the "molester". (Act Name - statute will follow later). Please note that a Restraining Order is issued by a Circuit Court Judge. So, they issued a PRF because a Circuit Court Judge ordered them to cease "further molestation by the protected person"

Please note this is nowhere near a simplistic case as just those two initial facts. It grew into a colossal Civil Rights abuse, Criminal Abuse, and a whole lot of other types of illegal abuses.

FACT: They picked the wrong Marine to pull this on.

That is enough for now. It is going on 3 years now and the "keystone cop" antics that ensued trying to cover up that first enormous judgment error of their part might be deemed hilarious if not for the fact that people have died because of this stuff.

I have completed 19 interviews with the press over an extreme example of government gone horribly astray, story nearly about to break. I have multiple documents sent to myself and my congressman trying to explain away the treatment directed towards me. The Oregon State Police (yep, for facts and proof not listed yet, they confirmed to me that VHA employees involved in an incredibly convoluted case was of "...a magnitude and scale we have never seen before." They have referred it to the State Attorney General for prosecution, and pleaded with me two years ago to be patient and not go to the press with the material facts until they make public the indictments, for fear the perps will become alerted.

This is big time stuff. What they did, and in three years over this my local VA facility is now on Chief Of Staff #4, and virtually every one of the players in this tawdry affair have been booted for life from government service.

WHAT I WILL NOT DO IS POST SPECIFIC NAMES OF VHA PERSONNEL! This is not the time in our country to stand up out of a sense of vendetta. We cannot do the honorable thing if we disregard the individual rights of these people and be willing to stand tall for them too! Besides, the list is growing beyond my measure to report on. This is a big thing.

I am a Marine. A Marine is not the Judge, or Jury, and we damn sure are not serving our country to bring harm upon our fellow citizens. I am 100% rated. I have nothing to gain monetarily nor will I accept any blood money in return for withdrawing my efforts. Beyond that moral code, as a practical matter focusing on just singular incidents and narrowing the scope to that will go nowhere. My stratagems successfully, though painful to me, work. I am of the opinion that when you see my evidence, you will agree and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I raise my glass to you in hopes that the light you see is not the headlamp of the train!

I will stand up for what is right until my last breath. I am a United States Marine. I can do no less.

I will leave this post now with the oft quoted phrase from that text The Art of War, by Tsun Tsu, "He will prevail who knows when to fight, and when not to."

Semper Fi

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