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Bruxism/TMJ dental question

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Hello everybody,

Sorry its been awhile since I last posted and see the format has changed.

currently rated at 70% for PTSD and currently in Voc Rehab. The past few weeks my wife has been complaining to me that I have been keeping her up most nights with me grinding my teeth during the night. I have been doing this for many years but it flares up bad intermittently every year. This time I think I really hurt my jaw bad and might have TMJ. The right side is painful and it hurts to talk, yawn and eat. My upper/lower teeth on the right side are sensitive and bleed when I brush, I guess this is due to all the pressure I put on them when sleeping. The grinding started after I came back from the Middle East.

In 1989 I fell and hit my face on concrete in GITMO busting open my chin which required many stitches and have the scar today. I have the Medical report also.

I know that bruxism and TMJ can be related to PTSD as secondary conditions. And I have been grinding for over 25 years so I know I have done some damage.

I contacted my Voc Rehab counselor to refer me to dental to address both issues, I need to get a mouth guard and need to see about the TMJ. I have a dental appointment this coming Monday.

My question is:

1 )should I try and connect the bruxism/grinding secondary to PTSD?

2) Separately, should I try and connect the TMJ to the fall I had in 1989? Its documented and I feel this facial injury may have contributed to me developing TMJ over the years, even knowing my grinding has probably helped the TMJ get worse?

3) Or should I put both the bruxism/TMJ together as secondary conditions to PTSD?

Not sure how to proceed on this one.

Any feedback is much appreciated, Thanks!


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I have been rated at 30% for PTSD and recently asked to be rated again as it has gotten worse. Had the C&P and waiting on the VA now to see if I can get an increase.

I also have been diagnosed with severe Bruxism, TMJ, Migraines and Obstructive Sleep Apnea, all diagnosed as secondary to the PTSD and have had DBQ's done from my Dr stating they are all 50% greater than not, related to my PTSD. I had a C&P for the Bruxism secondary to the PTSD and waiting on those results as well.

The Sleep Apnea has been diagnosed and I sleep with a CPAP. I also sleep with a mouth guard.. my 3rd one actually as I have chewed through the previous two.

So I am waiting to get my results and when I do I will post here and let you know..

Semper Fi!

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Stick Slinger,

thanks for the feedback. I'm leaning toward claiming bruxism/TMJ secondary to the PTSD. 

I have a Dental appt. on the 18th and having a mold made for a night guard, and then talk to the oral surgeon on staff about the TMJ with the idea that I may need surgery. 

Did you have your VA primary Dr. fill out the DBQs stating its more than likely due to the PTSD? or the VA Dental doc? I am not sure who needs to fill out the DBQs.

I have obstructive Sleep Apnea also and use a CPAP to. I plan on claiming it as secondary to PTSD also.

You mention you are on the 3rd mouth guard because you chewed thru the first 2.  Do you get them thru the VA? Just asking to see what I have ahead of me, if I chew thru mouth guards.

Thanks again for any feedback.

Semper FI Brother!




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