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Obsolete MOS does not show up on nose exposure list



I was in 1968-71, served in a anti-aircraft artillery battery (Hawk Missile) as fire control mechanic, MOS 24F. Exposed to extremely loud noise for up to 24 hours at a stretch over the period of several years. Tinnitus now a big issue for me. I see the MOS exposure list, but the problem is my MOS was retired when Hawk was phased out so it doesn't show up on that list. It does show on other documents - http://ed-thelen.org/pics4/CC-MOS-MOS Noise Hazards.pdf but not on the official VA list. Is there any way to link retired MOS to the current MOS listing? Thanks!

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Whoa, Hoss!!!  It sounds like you are getting way ahead of yourself, fretting unnecessarily so.  Stick to the basic Caluza elements:  Current diagnosis (of hearing loss), in service event or aggravation, and audiologist opinion that your (noisey environment) at least as likely as not caused your hearing loss. 

There are "noise induced" hearing loss, and there are other things that can cause it such as heredity, and infections.  

Have you been denied benefits for hearing loss?  Do you have all 3 Caluza elements documented?  Yes, it is true that a noisey MOS can help make this fly, but remember, many people dont actually work in the MOS they were assigned.  So, MOS is just "one" way to document it.  Another perfectly acceptable way is for one or more of your buddies you served with write a letter documenting how loud the noise was.  

Dont fret too much about your MOS not one that "regurarly" demonstrates noise exposure, just get the Caluza elements.  The VA should have this expired MOS list, or you may be able to find it online and send that to them (as evidence of noise exposure)  if it makes you feel better. 

Source:  Im SC for hearing loss, and my (what you call MOS) is not one normally associated with high noise levels.  

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I'm in the process of putting a claim together. I've dealt with it (tinnitus) for years but has recently gotten worse. No medical records from service reflect this. I do not have hearing loss, just had a hearing test done by VA. Two docs I've talked to including the one who administered the hearing test say that is not unusual, tinnitus doesn't necessarily coincide with loss.

Getting a letter from "buddies" is virtually impossible, we have all gone our own ways and have no contact. Do you think that a statement from others with the same MOS would be regarded the same as someone I personally served with?

I really appreciate your comments, any help or pointing in the right direction is welcome. Hope to have a claim put together in the next month, have an appointment with a VSO coming up in a few weeks (those guys are hard to get to).


ps - now back in California after 35 years in Colorado - go Broncos!

Thanks again.

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