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If you don't think disabled vets, social security recipients both disabled and retired need COLA's each year, just stay the course and keep voting for a Republican majority. They will cut taxes for the wealthiest(they deserve it) and they will cut COLA's for us(we don't need it).


Bill H4679 in 1998

Mr. GENE GREEN of Texas. Mr. Speaker, the Republican majority is almost a month late in meeting the statutory deadline for passing a House budget resolution, but finally they've decided to prepare a budget that is even uglier than we thought. If the Republican majority wanted to balance the budget, they could do that today if we cut Medicare, Social Security, and COLA's, but no, their budget is going to cut it 5 or 7 years from now. Medicare faces cuts in excess of $256 billion.

It is true. Despite the public outcry not to cut Social Security or Medicare, Republicans are united in a plan that will directly cut Medicare to pay for a tax cut. They also intend to cut the COLA for Social Security recipients by readjusting the formula. The worst part is that Republicans are telling us they are not cutting, they are simply slowing the growth.

They can call it what they want, but if someone is 65 in 1998 and they do not have Medicare, that is a cut. This bill is a cut for that person who is now 62 and needs Medicare 3 years from now, so it is a cut. I do not think we need to play with words. I think the Republican majority needs to be honest with the American people: that in order to balance the budget and pay for tax cuts for the rich they stand united in their effort to cut Medicare.


Bill in 1990

Mr. SCHUMER. Mr. Speaker, as the outlines of the summit agreement, or potential agreement, become clearer and clearer, it is getting very obvious that the other side of the aisle, that the White House, the Republican Party, is going to have lots of questions to answer. Why should we cut COLA's on Social Security, a proposal they have been pushing, when so many people depend on those COLA's; poor people, people who have worked hard their whole lives? Why should we cut Medicaid even more deeply than we have to? And yet it is this party that proposed it.

Mr. Speaker, to add insult to injury, if we have to do those things at the White House's insistence, if we have to cut Social Security, if we have to cut Medicare deeply at the White House's insistence, how are we going to explain to our constituents that there was enough money for a capital gains tax to go to the wealthy?

Mr. Speaker, this just does not wash. It is not going to wash, and I would urge my colleagues, I would urge the President, that they cannot have it both ways. They cannot ask the middle-class people to make tough, difficult cuts and then say, `But there's enough money to give tax cuts to the rich in the form of capital gains.'

Mr. Speaker, that combination is a loser. Any proposal brought to the floor that has both of those will not only be voted down by this side of the aisle; I would argue that we will find very few votes on the Republican side to vote for it as well.


And now they are calling a cut in COLA's The Family Protection Act or something like that........Stay the Course!!!!!!

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This is the site http://www.bls.gov/news.release/cpi.nr0.htm that will release the COLA figure for September on Oct 14th. This figure added to the 3.8% accumulated thus far should be the COLA released on this site http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/COLA/colasummary.html for SS recepients, which should be the same as VA Disability recepients. You can also check and see on this site http://www.nalc.org/news/bulletin/bull05-17.html what it should be for SS Retirees and Federal OWCP recepients, as always since Reagan screwed the Federal OWCP recepients COLA's to run from Dec to Dec and then start payment in April each year, (instead of having it like the VA and SS run the the fiscal year), a Republican President found a way to save money at the expense of disabled Federal Workers. You can see from this site that the projected accumulation toward the 2006 retiree COLA was 3.8 percent following release of the August CPI-W. The 2006 COLA for Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) participants was 3.3 percent based on the latest figures. NO COLA AT ALL IS ASSURED UNDER THIS ADMINISTRATION, THEY ARE OPPOSED TO COLA'S AND IF THEY GET ENOUGH OF THEIR FOLKS IN LINE, COLA'S WILL BE VOTED OUT! We do have to rebuild Iraq after we get through blowing the rest of it up in 20 years.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

it is online it went up 1.2% last month for a total of 4.1% for the year the biggest increase since 1991. Yea team now write you congress critters senate and house to keep them from capping VA Cola's as has been proposed.

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It is good news, However, The government has already figured a way to keep the money. Have they announced the increase for Medicare yet??

This reminds me of my uncle, rest his soul. He had an automotive parts buisness (small) He named it completely reliable auto parts. The poor fellow took out an ad in the yellow pages. The Add company called him and said the space was not big enough for the add and he had already paid. He said go ahead and adjust the add as long as it was listed.

When the new book arrived in the spring it read: C.R.A.P. Then listed the phone number.

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