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michael rolando

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depends on when you "found out" you had been awarded your service connection percentage.

For example, if you went to VA.gov today and saw that your claim was awarded, meaning this changed from yesterday, what you can expect is:

1) in 10-15 calendar days your BBE will show up

2) because today is the 12th, sometime in the next 18 days you will get any "retro pay" deposited in your account if you set up direct deposit.

3) on the 1st of Oct (most likely the night of the 30th of Sept) your regular monthly pay will be direct deposited into your account.


Now there are variables to all this.

The VA only pays for the whole month, so your retro pay will be calculated from 1 march.

If your claim was awarded for retro in an amount over 25K (and based on your limited post I don't think this applies to you)  it takes additional signatures so retro deposit may not appear in the next 18 days. If your retro is over 6 figures it takes more signatures and much longer

There is a possibility, though remote, of a tiered decision. This also probably does not apply to you, but if it does then the time to payout can be longer as they do the math and get it approved.

I happen to live in a zip code that for some reason takes an inordinate of time to get stuff from the VA. everything else is right on time, but stuff from the VA has an additional 5 to 10 day delay over the "typical" mailing time.


On direct deposit times. Your bank will have it's own processing times. At the latest it should be available by the 1st when their business day starts. Assuming you don't have any liens, judgements, or claims against your account, you should get the full awarded amount on a regular schedule.


In the event a vet does have liens or judgements against them, it is in their best interest to open a new account at a different bank and have ONLY their VA check sent to that account.  VA benefits are protected by law but when you co-mingle protected and unprotected funds you open yourself to banking problems and inappropriate seizure of protected funds. Then you have to fight to get it back. In a dedicated account there is no co-mingling as long as you don't deposit any other funds into that VA account.

This gets more complicated, as only a limited amount of money is protected and each bank decides how to calculate the "rolling average" of deposited funds are included in their decision to accept a judgement against that account.

So for example, lets say a vet gets 10K in retro pay and it gets deposited. Let's say the vet gets $1,500 a month in VA compensation. Month 1, deposit 10K +1.5K=11.5K. This is protected. Then each month for the next 12 months all they get is 1.5K in VA compensation. As each month is added the rolling average of the deposits changes and reduces the protected amount. 

Assume the veteran, because they are not 100% and have another job, does not "need" to touch their monthly compensation to pay bills and live. Yes this happens. At this time, the law says that 3 months of "saved" protected compensation cannot be touched by creditors in a court action. There is potential legislation to protect all of save comp, but that is not in effect right now.

If that vet has say 6 or 8 months of saved protected compensation only 3 is actually judgement proof at this moment in time.

When protected money is moved OUT of the protected account it loses the automatic protection, even if you take out 100 today and deposit it back tomorrow. That 100 is potentially eligible to pay a judgement and the burden is on the veteran to prove it is protected money.

A veteran who is as described above needs to talk to their bank and see what that banks rolling average is for protected money and make sure they take anything "saved" over and above that amount out of the bank. Buy gold. Get a safe deposit box. tuck it into your mattress. This assumes you have or might get a judgment against you for some reason.

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