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My C & P Results

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I had 4 C & P's in Sept., followed each with a quick trip to ROI, that office in Portland has been on the job.

The PTSD notes are quite lengthy, the DSM-IV diagnoses goes like this:

Axis I: Major depressive disorder, severe, associated with panic attacks and significant social impairment, posttraumatic stress disorder, chronic moderate secondary to military service.

Axis II: Cluster A personality characteristics associated with significant tangential thinking, social impairment and eccentric personality characteristics.

Axis III: Significant hearing impairment and social and occupational impairment secondary to hearing.

Axis IV: Stressors moderate, illness in self, impairment in social and occupational functioning.

Axis V: GAF of 45. All of that would be service-related since the cluster A personality characteristics appeared to have been first noted during military service in addition to PTSD and major depression being service-related as well.

Interesting to note that my first appt. was with a VA clinic Psychiatrist who also assigned a GAF of 45. I've only seen these 2 in my notes.

The ortho Doc who checked out my left knee wrote my jeep wreck history followed by:

Findings: The vertebral bodies are intact. Marginal bone spurring prominent tibial spine, spurring of the patella.


Assessment: 1. degenerative joint disease, left knee.

Opinion: I would expect this condition would be chronic due to the arthritis and the degeneration of the left knee. I would expect an additional loss of motion on left knee due to pain on 15 to 20 degrees with repetitive use and flare-ups. I would expect no gait disturbance. I would expect instability in the left knee. I would expect no neurological deficit. I would expect no further loss of motion due to fatigue, weakness, or lack of endurance. It is the opinion of this examiner that the veteran's current left knee condition is caused by a result of his injuries and treatment sustained while on active duty in the United States Army.

The tinnitus exam was done by a woman who has proven to be something of a snake in the past (she did my last hearing C & P). and she basically readministered that exam and got the same results that placed me at 50%. She danced around the tinnitus issue, downplaying SC.

ENT was an experience! I met the rudest person possibly ever in my VA dealings. I filed for 10% chronic otitis. It has been diagnosed by civilian and VA Doc's who note that it is probably caused by the earmolds (hearing aids). The VA sends me a tube of Triamcinolone Acetonide each month to keep it at bay. I also found a record of treatment for it in my records, dated 1985.

His assessment downplays any SC for my tinnitus or otitis and contains the outright lie: "...but now this has been switched to hypoallergenic ones and this is no longer a problem...".

I have been SC for hearing loss since getting out (Army, 76-78) and that has been my only SC, going from 0% to 50% currently.

I expect to NOD the tinnitus and chronic otitis opinions.

I have a lot of anxiety - always stress over C & P's and waiting. I have gained so much by joining this site, and hope some of you will contribute your comments.


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In addition to my last post, my MOS was 11B1P, Airborne Infantryman. I trained for and reported to the Ranger Bn., and my hearing was pivotal in leaving there for another Infantry unit while I was being assessed.

Peacetime service, stressors come from jeep wreck and hostage situation.


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Looks like your PTSD should be in the 70% range, but I wouldn't expect more then 50% initially. You may also have a problem with the Axis II issues of personality disorders. I would do everything you can to get an IMO stating your condition is realted to PTSD and you have NO personality issues. Best of luck.

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