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VR and E Reemplooyment Benefit

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This link will give you the eligibility criteria for VR &E 

https://www.military.com/benefits/veteran-benefits/understanding-the-va-vetsuccess-program.html#:~:text=VR%26E Eligibility&text=To receive an evaluation for,oline at the VA's website.

Make  sure the college is VA approved  Most of them are.It will state that at the college web site.

Also make sure you request any accomodations to your SC from the college, if needed. My husband was given 2 accomodations by Corning Community college but then again he went to the campus- I dont know how online college would handle that but I would think they would need to carefully consider any accommodation.It would depend on your SC disability.

I started my degree at a traditional college campus but finished my degree under Chapter 35 at AMU some years ago. We were required to take a course after enrollment to aquaint us with the vast ifference between campus and online schooling.

Also I had to immediately get my PC upgraded for the types of courses I took, one course requiring an assignent to be done on Power Point. With so much for PCs these days maybe they dont even have to have that required course now.

We had some access to our classmates, on- line via the professors, set up sort of like "Go to meeting" programs and a lot of the students in the last course I took, asked the prof why they needed to use Power Point, for one assignment  because it was apparent none of them had used it before. Neither had I.

They were all young enllisted and on the GI bill-I was the first civilian my college ever had.

The prof insisted on Power Point and I found it was a lot of fun , so much fun that I did 3 PP presentations but I  submitted the best one. Also since I was a tactical warfare student, 99% of my Profs were Officers from every branch.

I was glad I had a good CD player too on my PC  because some lectures on Amerindian warfare were on CDs, and the prof sent me a CD of Indian war chants as well.

My school ( AMU) is a wonderful school and has some VR&E vets- check us out :


This might hep you :

As soon as VA approved my Chapter 35 application I contacted the veterans counselor at the school and was able via her help, to co ordinate my tuition payments with VA as to Chapter 35.There were a few minor  glitches at first because I was their first civilian, and first Chap 35 student. Veteran counselors at colleges however are very familiar with the G I Bill and how that works, and familiar with VA VR&E students.

I commend you for considering VR&E  and online education.

It is far different from a traditional campus college, and I feel it is harder then campus college, but then again , I didnt have to fight for campus  parking spots on cold winter nights, and AMU did have a "coffee clatch" area where a student might b able to kibbitz with another student and often their Prof might be at the coffee latch, to 'talk', as well.. on line.

If you or any AMU student  have a Naval course (or any military branch course )you might  be given a sample thesis and it wil probably be one of mine, as my Naval prof asked for my permissions to use some of my work as examples of what a good thesis must cover, that all students could review.

Gee...I wish I was back at AMU sometimes-

It is possible also that you can get a book grant-----maybe at any college. USMC gave me a book grant and a free subscription to Marine Corp Gazette bcause the Gazette articles were part of some assignments I had, in assignments that required me to analyze battles.

Good Luck!!!!





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