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Why does the VA keep trying to change my docket numbers

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Mr cue


Ok.i.am about done with this I can't keep going through the same things over and over.

Ok after a cavc remand where is it stated that a veteran had to do a new VA form 9 or nod to have a cavc remand return to the board.

The VA keep take these new VA form 9 and nod and starting new appeal streams.

They did this last cavc remand.

I now have a cavc remand issue been process in ama. I Never requested or opt in. No one will address. 2 years

Cavc. Merge all my appeal back with the legacy appeal.

The VA refuse to merge them back will not address that I Never opt in or requested to be removed from legacy appeal

So now once again my effective date smc l and s are in ama system.

Well today I was told that the soc for them leaving a appeal pending since 2003 was process an send Remand by the cavc Dec 2022.

Well now they are tell me I have to do a new VA form 9 again. To continue my appeal.

This is a cavc remand if they having granted anything the case is return to the board front of the line. This is printed on VA.gov site.

Smh well.now they are going to take this new VA form 9 an start a new appeal stream again.

Now they will remove the cavc status from the appeal they will remove my advance on the docket again from the appeal.

An they will once again return it to the board end of the line.

Ok this is why veterans be having to appeal again for eed.

Because they be changing the dockets after cavc remand the case.

Please some one show me we're it is stated this is the process.







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Ok now it change to they couldn't fully grant my appeal. Smh

Last time they granted one month of smc l eed and change the docket numbers. Smh I can wait to see this soc and  if they even granted anything.

Because the bva judge order that I do a new VA form to continue my appeal.

Smh so now veterans have to do VA form 9 and nods again now to continue there cavc remand. Crazy 

Where is this stated I have never  been through this before.

I am really frustrated I had to with the loss of use because of there games again.

Now I got fight to get my cavc remand return to the bva judge again.

I did a petition for relief to the court oct it been with a cavc judges all most a month an half. With no decision.

The VA has been just process things.

The cavc will not rule on my petition no one will address that I never requested.

The court order all my appeal merge back together they are allowing this.

The VA response to cavc was basically were not merge the appeals back together. Smh.

The judge has rule hasn't done nothing.

This bva judge put in the same remand from 2021. So they could shop for another medical opinion on loss of use.

After shopping the first remand for 7 months for a medical opinion before I withdraw.

The court told the VA why I withdraw

The bva judge Stated that I didn't mean to withdraw an stated I would now like to open the remand back.

I ain't stated nothing like that. The cavc remand doesn't state that .

So I had to withdraw again.

Now I am been told there was never and isn't  a medical opinion that was order.




Well I am just going to do the VA form 9 again the 3 one on the same appeal Since 2018


They make me do a new one after each cavc remand. I write on each one this is a cavc remand and should be return to front of line. They refuse to address it

I will have to fight to get in return to front of line again last time I was 140000 in line. Cavc remand and advance on the docket they  remove all that.

And made me do a new advance on the docket to get my case move from 140000 end of the line.

Ok this is the legacy appeal part of the cavc remand.


see how they say you have to opt in to ama.

Its Going on 3 years and bva ro no one will show or address that I never opt in.

I am on fire again so now it will be a year fight to get my cavc remand return to a bva judge.  This is how they add years two cavc remand.

This is how you not get the proper effective dates because they are changing docket numbers.

You will have a new appeal date.

My appeal started 2018 legacy.

My effective dates for smc l and s have a 2021 ama appeal date. Now because of the change of docket numbers.



The Veterans Benefits Administration sent you a Statement of the Case on December 28, 2022. The Statement of the Case explains the reasons why they couldn’t fully grant your appeal.


You’ll have to take one of these actions within 60 days from the date on the Statement of the Case:


Submit VA Form 9 to continue your appeal to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, or

Opt in to the new decision review process

Take action

Return VA Form 9 by February 26, 2023 in order to continue your appeal

A blank VA Form 9 was included with your Statement of the Case. You can continue your appeal to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals by submitting this form. When you fill it out, you can also request a hearing with a Veterans Law Judge if you’d like one.


If you need help understanding your Statement of the Case or completing the VA Form 9, contact your Veterans Service Organization or representative.


You may also opt in to the new decision review process. You have 60 days from the date on the Statement of the Case to opt in to one of the new decision review options.

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