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Camp Jejune Medic

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I am writng on behalf of my husband. He is 100 percent disabled IU and was just diagnosed with Parkinsons. He spent many years as a medic at camp lejune and I don't know where to sign up for anything. Can someone help me?

Thank You Shari

Email Address Redacted

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Welcome to hadit.  

On the VA website, link below, Parkinson's is a "presumptive" for camp Lejune.  


    A "presumptive" condition means that you generally dont need a doctors opinion that your hubby's parkinsons disease is at least as likely as not due to Camp Lejune toxicity.  

    For that reason, you could seek additional benefits for this condition.  

    Since you indicated he is already 100 percent, this means for an increase in payments, you would need to persue one or more "SMC" claims.  SMC is special monthly compensation, and it is above and beyond the 100 percent rating.  

    One example would be if he needs aid and attendance (A and A) due to the parkinsons.  You can get additional compensation for A and A even if a family member provides this care.  SMC would also apply if he has "loss of use" of body parts (arms, legs, vision, hearing, or even reproductive organ(s).

    Applying for additional benefits due to parkinsons could also be very important to you, especially if parkinsons eventually causes his death.  If a service connected condition causes death of the Veteran, the widow can get DIC, which is compensation to you.  

    Therefore, my advice is to apply for applicable SMC if your husband has loss of use, or requires aid and attendance or, if he is substantially confined to the home.  

    If you are unaware of how to apply, you can consider seeking a local VSO.  Veterans service officers are usually at VA medical centers, and represent DAV, VFW, etc.  There is no charge for a VSO's services.  Not all VSO's are all that helpful, but you could start there.  And, if something smells fishy with the VSO, it probably is, so ask more questions at hadit for guidance.  

    If you are denied benefits, after applying, you may consider getting legal representation, but we can cross that bridge after that happens, since it sounds like you have not applied for parkinsons or any SMC's.  

    If your husband is not competent, you should have him sign over POA to you or another trusted family member or family friend, especially if you dont think he can/will navigate the VA claims/appeals process.  

    Feel free to ask other questions.  

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Short answer:  Most of the time you have to check with about 4 law firms, they are busy, and have their own "market niche" (cases they like), so often Vets are declined representation.  

I have had good luck with Attig Steele, but they represent you ONLY at cavc.  I would look at Woods and Woods, or CCK law, or Hill and Ponton, first.  The "big fish" is Ken Carpenter, but he can be hard to get.  Mr. Carpenter has won millions for Veterans (but probably others have also).  

You dont need, nor will an attorney accept, a lawyer until you have been denied.  You can check with any of those mentioned if you have been denied at least once. 

He will either have to deal with them, or you, if you have his POA (Power of 


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