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VBE: My apologies

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It appears I made a hasty, and incorrect assessment of VBE.  It was based on the fact I did not research it more.  

I have seen many Veterans ask "Where can I get a good IMO"?  (Independent medical Opinion).  This is often used to support the Veterans claim, because, often VA doc's do not provide favorable medical evidence to win the claim.  

A good IMO can often be the difference between getting benefits, and getting denied.  Of course, not every claim needs an imo.  

I personally won a claim by getting an IMO.  I was denied TDIU.  I appealed to the board, and, after a board denial, I appealed to the CAVC.  

I "won" a remand to the CAVC.  When there is a remand, Veterans are allowed to submit new evidence, and, that new evidence, is presumed to go back to the date of claim if awarded.  This is huge.  My attorney suggested I needed an IMO from a Voc rehab specialist.  My doctor can/did opine that I was unable to do my current job, but the Va wanted an opinion that I was unable to do ANY job.  The va wont connect the dots, there.  

The IMO worked, and I was awarded tdiu back to 2004.  

I learned all this at H and K U (College of hard knockS) THAT IS, I had done it wrong.  

Veterans need a place to go, when their cfile either has "no favorable information" or, sometimes, the c and p exam, was incomplete such as it did not have tests.  (In order to get information to win their claim).  

Unfortunately there are scammers who try to part Veterans with their money, some of the time "pretending" to be there to help the Veteran.  As an example, there are "pension poachers".  Pension Poachers get Veterans to file for a pension, that they did not know they are eligible for.  Boom.  The pension poacher wins a pension, but the Veteran needlessly gave up 20 percent or so of his pension retro to the scammers who applied for him.  

A Veteran need not pay someone to file for pension for him, a VSO will do it free.  

Again, I apologize, and instead endorse VBE , as it would appear to help Veterans who need an IMO to win their claim.  Its unnecessary for VBE to be affiliated with NOVA, because they offer medical opinions, and are not like a law firm representing Veterans who should be listed on NOVA.  



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Yes I won two separate BVA appeals in past two years with the important medical nexus and IMO opinions from a private DR and heart surgeon in Tucson, AZ.

As part of his opinions he pointed out the important factors totally ignored/disregarded by the VARO raters and a twice biased VA C&P examiner against me.  Same chicken chit VA examiner both times.

The BVA accepted all the medical evidence that the VARO raters claimed I had no evidence or it was without substance.   I should be allowed to mention the doctor's name here but no joy. Sighcloseupcombined498thUH-1Hdustoffandfadedunitpatch.JPG.8c648588e33cfd260e2988b2698b9222.JPG

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