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Read this before you sue your VA doctor for malpractice.

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"Your "VA doc" may not be a VA doctor!!  Why is this important?  REad on:

Yes, many doctors and professionals who work at VA are great at their job, and do great work for Veterans.  

Sometimes, however, things go horribly wrong, and Veterans need to sue their "doctor" or medical professional for malpractice.  

Of course, I would never suggest suing someone for malpractice, unless there was a compelling reason, "and" your health was seriously damaged by this malpractice.  

You would, of course, need some serious professional help to do this.  

But, there is something your attorney "may not know".  

When you go to the VA, someone treats you in a white coat.  This person "is not always" a VA employee, and they may not inform you they dont work for VA, they are a contractor.  

So, you try to sue them.  Probably a couple years down the road, you will find out this person "is not" a VA employee, but a contractor instead.  VA wont accept liablity.  Worse, its probably past the statue of limitations for you to refile your suit as a contractor vs a VA employee.  

Its a trap that catches far too many Veterans.  

So, find out ahead of time if the person who allegedly malpracticed on you "is really a VA doc" or are they a contractor.  

"Just because" that "doc" shows up in a white coat at your VAMC does not guarantee they are an employee, and dont count on that doctor to explain they dont work for VA, but are a contractor.  

Otherwise, still another "VA doc" will again get away with substandard care with Veterans, or even malpractice.  It would not be the first time.  

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Again you are spot on.  As early as 1985 I was treated for PTSD by both VA and non VA doctors at the Temple, Texas VA Hospital.  They all wore white coats and never volunteered to me or other vets that they were contractor docs with private practice or employed by Texas A&M University Health Services.  The sobs enjoyed being sneaky and the joke was always on us dummies.

Even some of the C&P doctors then were private doc contractors and wore white coats all the time for the exams.  The chief shrink at the hospital was actually an A&M doctor and not VA employed.  He and others engaged in deliberate medical drug abuse of us Vietnam vets causing harm and one suicide. 

Later I filed a VA Injury Section 1151 claim against the VA and the chief shrink and wrote many same letters to many U.S. Senators and Congressmen that started a congressional inquiry against the hospital and chief shrink.

He was moved to Arizona and then died at young age of 68 I am happy to say.  He was a murderer.

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