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    • Mike I guess I don't understand your post?  what is it that your asking? Is it you don't want to have a PTSD Diagnoses?  With PTSD Claims you will need to verify your  in service stressor's  this is the reason you have PTSD. Do you want a MH claim? or to have your MH Claim not to have you listed with PTSD?  They are other means of MH not to be consider PTSD like MMD or Depression, Unspecific Disorder's  ect,,ect,,, ''On statement  in support of claim''   this is where you can write down your stressor's use extra sheets of paper if needed attach it to the form  tell your story of the event time and place. you don't need to answer  each and every question on the form  just leave it blank or just put''does not apply''  Use buddy statements they will help verify these events  or  records of morning reports, Duty reports MOS Any type of Gov document that puts you in the time a place of the claimed event. PTSD is nothing to be Ashamed of  it happens to millions of soldiers, and you should be compensated for your service & sacrifice to your country.
    • Wayne, for the first two years of use I was directed to bring my CPAP machine into my VAMC every 6 months.  They would take the card out and read and record the results.  The information on the card tells them the average usage time per night.  They ask you if you are having any problems with it, if you are getting better sleep, do you have dry mouth, did you change the filter, etc.  I have not been contacted for almost a  year now. I would not worry about it.
    • I don't think you need to worry with ebenfits  if you submitted your documents there there. to ease your mind yes go ahead and send copies in snail mail  with return sign receipts (greencard)  I did both with my claim. In e benefits they should ask you if you have any more evidence you have to submit please submit them now before they do a final prep for final decision.  If you don't get that letter in mail or on benefits  then just make sure yourself you have sent them everything you want them to have and  hope they read. Its up to you if you want to tell your VSO they miss spelled a word  but if it was me it looks close enough and leave well enough alone. That would be up to you & your VSO
    • I submitted documents on ebenefits and it showed them all under the submitted documents tab. Ebenefits was updated and all the submitted documents disappeared from the submitted documents tab. Should I mail in copies? Also, on my list of disabilities it says I'm appealing rhinitis when I just started that claim. My appeal was for sinusitis. I put eustachian tube dysfunction for a secondary but the VA spelled it "estachian". Should I tell my VSO they may be messing up my claim?
    • As Berta noted, its really the information they want that is contained on the form, that happens to have "PTSD" in the title.   There isn't a "Statement in Support of Claim for Stressors, but not PTSD stressors" form yet :)


Appeal Management Center

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Anyone please tell what a rating specialist do and How long to take to be rate.

Is there any other number to call or email. :huh::angry::angry::angry:

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I kind of question what the " Rating Specialist" do at The Appeals Management Center, as I am in the same boat as you are.

I will give you there email address:



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A "rating specialist" or otherwise known as a RVSR (Rating Veteran Service Representative) does exactly what the name implies, they rate claims. Their function is also the same at the Appeals Managment Center as it is at the local regional office. It all depends how backed up they are as far as how long it will take to make a decision.

Vike 17

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I'm still relatively new to Hadit.com, so have been busily reading as many of the posts as possible in order to educate myself on how the VA claim process works. ;)

I was able to learn enough to figure out how to submit a NOD letter/request for De Novo review by a DRO, so hopefully I'll hear back in a few months whether my appeal worked.

During my research, I kept seeing the phrase "AMC" or "Appeals Managment Center", and am curious as to what this refers to. Is this where the DROs in each region work?

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The AMC or Appeals Management Center is located in Washington DC and a few years ago it was set up so the BVA could develop a claim and than move it. However, they were sued and now they are used to make a claim ready for rating and in some few cases make a decision. Usually they remand claims after some development and the BVA instructs the RO of origin how to finish the claim.

I may not be exactly right but it has more or less become another holding pen or penalty box for Veterans claims that have been awaiting a decision for a long time.

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