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Anyone please tell what a rating specialist do and How long to take to be rate.

Is there any other number to call or email. :huh::angry::angry::angry:

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I kind of question what the " Rating Specialist" do at The Appeals Management Center, as I am in the same boat as you are.

I will give you there email address:



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A "rating specialist" or otherwise known as a RVSR (Rating Veteran Service Representative) does exactly what the name implies, they rate claims. Their function is also the same at the Appeals Managment Center as it is at the local regional office. It all depends how backed up they are as far as how long it will take to make a decision.

Vike 17

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I'm still relatively new to Hadit.com, so have been busily reading as many of the posts as possible in order to educate myself on how the VA claim process works. ;)

I was able to learn enough to figure out how to submit a NOD letter/request for De Novo review by a DRO, so hopefully I'll hear back in a few months whether my appeal worked.

During my research, I kept seeing the phrase "AMC" or "Appeals Managment Center", and am curious as to what this refers to. Is this where the DROs in each region work?

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The AMC or Appeals Management Center is located in Washington DC and a few years ago it was set up so the BVA could develop a claim and than move it. However, they were sued and now they are used to make a claim ready for rating and in some few cases make a decision. Usually they remand claims after some development and the BVA instructs the RO of origin how to finish the claim.

I may not be exactly right but it has more or less become another holding pen or penalty box for Veterans claims that have been awaiting a decision for a long time.

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    • Why not ask a moderator here ( their emails are open I think) to consolidate your topics into one specific forum..... You also had an additional question that appeared  to be directed to me with an arrow >under a status thing in the right hand columns , but I guess that disappeared and I think it regarded the same question I answered here already.. This confusion happens once in a while when new members post the same issue in different forum areas here.  
    • I will try answer question# 1 and # 2 I think #1 is that you are trying to get a better EED for the asthma.  "I received a rating decision dated May 5, 2016, of established service connection for asthma from September 9. 2014. That was the date the VA received my claim.  This was a reopened claim.  Now they knew this.  I had forgotten that back in 1984 soon after I was discharged I had filed a claim for Bronchial Asthma and was denied in 1985. I never appealed it, and there are far too many reason why to get into them at this point in time." Sure they knew it, the denial is in your C file, but that had nothing to do with the re-opened claim.  The only way you can  a better EED is with a successful CUE claim...CUE claims are explained in detail here in our CUE forum. "Does anyone know if my case could have been settled on a local level had I not filed the Form 9 if I have officially reopened the case instead of continuing on with what appears to be a new case filed in 2014?" A Re-open goes back to the date the re-opened claim was filed. When a specific disability claim is denied, and then subsequently down the road the very same disability is SCed, there is always obvious potential for a successful CUE....depending on the past denied decision,and  the evidence they had when they made that decision....and many other factors ....all in our CUE forum. Many vets have gotten Mega retro that way ( as posted in the CUE forum) but it all depends on many factors. Others will help with question # 3  
    • This appears to be for a TDIU claim...but it does not appear to be a complete VA C & P exam. The opinion does state that this impacts on your ability to work but gives no further rationale. Do you receive SSDI and if so, is the SSDI solely for these vascular -heart conditions? If so is VA aware of the SSDI determination? Was the 2013 CUE resolved by the 40% SC Edema rating in both legs?  
    • I sure would. It isnt often that a vet can get support for a CUE from a vet rep. I think they have all they need to decide it.
    • Your disability should have no effect with your Job..and by your rights you have the right to bring a service dog with you to work  your employers has to make the Accommodations under the ADA (American Disability' Act) As I understand it  and keeping your medical reports private you should be ok With the Hippa Laws. VA has the right to request any of your private medical records  when you sign the FOIA. Form.