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Predetermination Claim?


Hello all,

On our e-bennies acount under claims status it has an open claim thats simply labeled as "Claim Type: Predetermination"....I have no clue as to what this could be, has anyone ever seen this before?

Thank you all

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What it sounds like is; The rating you'll receive is only a temporary one untill VA gets all the info they need to close this claim out. Once they receive this info they will re-rate you. What is your claim for?


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I have no claims other than Im awaiting an appointment as fidicuary for my husband...my husband was rated 100% permanent last year, which shows up as closed on ebene's, but there is an imcompetency issue. It would make sense if that was it, but no field agent has shown up yet for a visit and no retro money has been deposited......

The strange thing is that the predetermination claim opened on the day of his comp award (6-27-2011) and just closed yesterday and they sent out a letter....Ill let you guys know what it says if your interested......Have a great weekened!!

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Thanks silke, it would be interesting to know what they say, mainly so I can obtain extra knowledge on these type of claims. I'm assuming he's rated for PTSD due to the mentioning of incompetency. Please excuse me silke if you already know the complete rating process, but the last 3 stages/phases of the process are (in order) [1] Pre-determination team where they make sure everything is in order for the rater, such as, C&P exams, evidence, c;file, duty to assist letters, etc. [2] Ratings ​where the RVSR Rating Veterans Service Representative reviews your file and makes a decision on the claim according to the law. [3] Post-determination team where the information is entered in the system and a letter of decision sent out.

Hope your not confused as why I stated this. I was thinking this would help to understand some of the process as to the term predetermination comes into the picture. JMO, there seems to be 2 parts of this claim, and since the rating part has already been determined, I'm thinking now the 2nd part has to do with the incompetency issue. So yes, please let me know since I'm curious, and possibly stand to be corrected.lol


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I called the 800 number this morning and the pre-determination claim is for the incompetency issue, I will have to wait to get the decision letter to get any more information. I asked about these types of claims and they said, generally speaking, a "predetermination" claim can mean several different things. They could be proposing a rating of incompetence for VA purposes,

they could be proposing a reduction in VA benefits, they could be proposing to remove or add a specific dependent from the Veteran's award, etc....those were the examples they game me.......I suggested they make this a bit more clear on E-bennies. Thank you for your time and service Cooter!.......have a great day!

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Thanks silke for the info! I'm with you, clarifying some of their terminology a little more broader.


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    • WOW, and this is GREAT News.....relax and enjoy.Geez, I am surprised it took so long with the FERS...it took my neighbor only 7-8 months after he got FERs .But then again they really low balled him with 10% and as a 20 year retiree, that VA amount is deducted from the retirement check. He says he gets SSDI solely for the same 10% but has not filed a TDIU claim yet....after about 6 years..or more  I couldnt get him to understand that his TDIU EED, if what he said is true as to SSDI, is the date he files the TDIU claim.....oh well..........................................
    • Dang it, wrote a nice reply, Buck, then clicked submit, and it went away.
    • Yes I believe they go back to the date you qualified for the SMC. http://www.militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com/specialmonthlycompensation.html
    • I think they need to hire some people with a little bit of common sense and can READ.  
    • Andyman I hear your frustrations  I certainly understand them, but please don't give up  you have your EED so when you do win  that means more $$ for you and for more each month  to possibly make you wife happy. Can you post your Reasons & Bases from your last denial for the S..A. & the MDD. I am not sur why the NOVA attorneys turn you down? what is your case built on? what evidence do you have? is this a secondary claim? or Secondary to MDD to S.A.? You have a DX for S.A.  So we know you been Diagnosed for OSA/S.A.  Now you need to get it Service Connected...and you don't have any medical records of in service for it  correct? What you may need to do is find a Dr that will do that for you in the private sector...How about Dr Ellis From Okla City   with the ''Ellis Clinic'' He does IMO's IME's And he works with veterans that need to have there disability service connected, I think his average cost for IMO'S and impression letters are 300..to 900...depending on how long it takes him but there's been several hadit members use him. NOD asap and keep fighting don't give up! Don't let the VA WIN AND HAVE THERE DAMN WAY! thats what they like. As bad and stressful and frustrating it is  we got to stick together until we win.  & You will win my friend why? b/c you deserve all your well earned benefits buddy.