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  1. I was hopping someone on here would chime in with their experiences I would like to see it soon real soon.
  2. how long do you think and aduit would take I have herd like 30 to 60 days
  3. How long dose it take after the award letter comes before you receve your back pay and the fact that I am DFAS retieree make a dif (medical all combat releated)
  4. thank I got my letter and yes I am 70% now just waiting on the money
  5. Moody

    30 To 70%

    Thanks.. I will change my profile as soon as I figure out how anyone knoe how long it takes to get the money
  6. I filled my claim feb 16 2011 and it just closed last week got my letter friday last week still waiting on the money
  7. yeah I am only about 40 milies form the varoI still have not recevied my back pay wished they would come on with that
  8. The next day. Now i am just waiting on the money i was hopping someone on here would help me out with that.
  9. Got my letter last week but still have not got my check yet?
  10. yeah I dont know what it is and I got my brown envelope today and it made no mention so I dont know
  11. Moody

    30 To 70%

    I got my letter today and the increased my % on some things that I wasnt ecpecting and didnt rate me on things I thought they should have be overall I am very happy with their decsion and cant wait for the money as I am and have been ready for a job change
  12. congrats I just saw my new letter on ebenefits today and cant wait to get the brown envelope.
  13. Thanks I just saw the letter on ebenefits and it appears I am now rated at 70% still waiting on the letter to come
  14. Moody

    30 To 70%

    I am a retired vet (medical) and it is and awsome feeling I am so ready to make changes in my life and this sure will help Thanks
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