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  1. Aa will be rated r1. Question will rate for r1 in addition to my current 100 % pay?????
  2. I am rated 100%. I am a recent lower ext amputee due to rated diabetes. Had my va claims helper fill out claim for smc k for loss of foot. He also applied for housing adaptation grants, and informed me of clothing allowances and auto grant. A few days ago i recieved overnight fedex, notifying me of cp exam for aide and attendance. I think it is for smc r1. Is the r1 pay rate in addition to my va disability rate? Or is it one or the other?I also recieve the smcs pay in with my va disability check. This is all new to me. Thanks for replies
  4. I filed a claim on ez form for increase IHD percentage increase from 60% to 100% schedular on that one disability.Sent IHD form from private doc showing mets decrease to 2 from 3-5 as per c&p exam back in 2003.Also increased angina with decreased exertion and new and increased meds for ihd. On a seperate paper i requested an smc s award. I am already rated 90% with tdiu and p&t. My ratings are 60%,30%,30%.20%,10%,and 10%.If my IHD is rerated at !00%, hopefully i'll qualify for the smc award. What is the usual time frame to have a FDC claim done. I have heard they would be expedited..
  5. Thanks! No i have not filed any papers yet. I wanted to wait and see if being on cpap has helped my conditions. Been on cpap as ordered by private doc and recommended by cardiac doc for 3 months now. No more nightime angina,B/p down some,more rested. Have been back to see sleep doc and cardio to be reevaluated, they both opined that the cpap therapy has helped with my cardiac problem,such as relieving the nighttime angina. The one lawer i contacted stated that sol had ran out according to tennessee law., I don't know why he was relating to tn law instead of federal law. May be that this district goes along with state statues. Now that i have my results, I'll be contacting another lawyer to see what they say, also need to seek another IMO. My next va apt with my va doc is in a couple of months, would like to wait till after that because i;m sure i'll be blacklisted. VA has still not notified me of any apt schedule to have sleep study repeated, I can't wait untill my next apt, and fill her in as to i had to go outside the va to get anything done. Also have va medical records showing that over 9 years ago,same doc had results of that va ordered sleep study, she ordered machine, they denied her request,because she didn't send them the results of the test, She never followed up on that, and i was never told i had needed the cpap. As i earlier stated, i never had knowledge of this until jan 2013 because another va doc at that time asked me if i had ever been tested for sleep apnea, and i told her yes but i assumed i had passed the test, because i never was issued a machine and my regular va doc never informed me of the test results. So there you have it. Rated 60% since 2003 for CAD and 30 % lung cancer,20% diabetes,10%surgical scar p&t with Tdiu since 2003,no ratings since 2003.,, agent orange exposure..
  6. Does anyone have any specific recommendations on lawyers to call and see if they can help with FTCA claim? Thanks
  7. What about the increase is IHD and angina? Sleep apnea can acelerate that. That would be the harm I suffered in filing a ftca or 1151. I' m also applying for increase in IHD rating of 60% to 100%, Increase in angina, increased meds, and ejection fraction of 30%.
  8. In reply to carlie,I just started on the cpap ordered by a private doc. I was having angina at night,so cardio doc wanted to see if the cpap machine helps me with angina before doing a coronary cath. I had open heart surgery in 1999 and had angina return starting in 2002. Service connected for IHD , diabetes, and lung cancer.I don't know if being without cpap that I was supposed to be on since tested by va in 2003, but didn't never followed up on till last june has harmed me or not, but what I've read on sleep apnea i'd say it has.I can get this verified by my cardio doc and my pulmonogolist that recently ordered the apnea study and by my family doc if needed. Docs don't want to do another bypass surgery unless absolutely necessary. Hopefully the cpap will help with reducing the angina.
  9. I contacted a law firm that advertised speciality in vet cases. I gave the nurse my info, and I recived a letter from the lawyer stating the statue of limitations has ran out. I thought I had 2 years to file after I realized I had been wronged. In my case it was june 21 2013 although the wrong done by the va was 10 years ago, I was unaware I needed a cpap machine until 6-21-13 at the dr visit when she seen the old records, and I have since pulled all my records and it verifies the doc never followed up on sending the results of the test, to get the machine and also a titration study was supposed to have been done before dering a cpap machine , and the va doc never done this. The va doc has admitted to dropping the ball on that. Also va doc reordered an apnea test as stated beforeon 6-21-13 Test by va has still not been scheduled, so I went the medicare way,and had the test a week ago. Dx with sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome. Was fitted for my cpap machine today.Sounds like the va just don't give a dam my dear. Thanks Hadit
  10. I have been rated 90% with unemployability p&t since 2002. One of my ratings is for 60% IHD . I received this back then before IHD was presumptive ao exposure because I was able to tie this in with my presumptive diabetes and lung cancer. I think I can now ask this rating be increased to 100% on its own because I have a muga scan showing ejection fraction or 30% with ischemia and mets of 3. My current ratings are that 60%, plus lung ca for 30%, another for 30%, another for 20%, and the last for 10%.Would it be in my best interest to file for smc award as it stands now or do I need to try for the increase to100% rating for IHD on its own to help qualify for smc. Also if I do decide to file for increase, would it be fasttracked? Does it look like I qualify for smc and if so what kind and how to apply for it? Thanks Hadit
  11. I am going to file a claim for IHD, presumptive to agent orange exposure.I am already rated for other A O diseases. Is there a fast track form i need to use? I will be sending in proof of IHD from va reports and tests results.I am already in the system for presumptive conditions. Thanks
  12. I am rated 90% and tdiu p&t.and have been since 2002. I just learned that IHD is a presumed agent orange disease. I have IHD, and it is on a lot of my va docs notes and had a stress test showing mild ischemia. One of my ratings is for coronary artery disease tied to my diabetes because of agent orange exposure.Coronary artery disease can also cause IHD.I know their will be no benefit increase if im rated with IHD, but i would then have a schedular rating of 100% and possibly qualify for smc award. Or should i just let the sleeping dog ly? Thanks
  13. I never knew i had sleep apnea until my last visit a few days ago. I have seen my same va doc for 12 years and had followups every The dr never followed up. I had follow up visits with this dr every 6 months since 2001.she never followed up on the test or the cancelled order for a cpap,because she did not foward them the sleep study results. I never recieved info i failed the sleep study in 03.I'm the patient,not the dr
  14. In regards to broncovet. On my next scheduled apt with doc in 6 months after the test was done, she asked how's the cpap doing? i told her i never recieved a machine, or any results of the test. I assumed i had passed the test! That is the first time she tried to check on the situation, but never followed up. I had always assumed i passed the apnea sleep study.
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