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  1. I can't thank everyone enough for their suggestions and helping ease my mind on a decision. I believe there was a lot of VA MH records the DRO didn't look at that contradicts the c&p exam for TDIU especially. Putting the attorney to the side for now, should put the form 9 together myself, or get an IMO first to outline the issues in medical terms? I'm too old for the BVA backlog - so if I go with an IMO are there any recommendations for who to use - or more important who not to use? Just one more clarification please. If I submit form 9 myself pointing to the excluded medical evidence an
  2. Berta thank you for your great and formative posts - Semper Fi!  I've read many of your older notes but wonder in 2016 if the VA ignores IMO from certain Psychiatric doctors for PTSD. I am sure there is enough info that the VA didn't look at in my recent denial for TDIU but I just don't know to find a doctor the VA will accept - many thanks! Art [I'm running out of time to meet the V9 submission 12/5 ..

  3. Hey All, I'm at a point where I have a pretty good appeal to a recent DRO De Novo denial. They clearly didn't take into consideration contradictory relavent VA Physc info - anyhow, that said, I have till 12/5 to file a form 9 for VA BVA appeal, but a VSO person told me with the evidence I have - which the DRO should have had - could have the DRO approve TDIU without it going to BVA. I'm not getting any younger so I want to give this attempt the right shot. Should I use an attorney or would it be better to have an IMO prepared with details of missing medical the VA should have considered that s
  4. Fantastic response - thank you! I will be meeting with my nonVA cardiologist in a week to talk about the issues you have highlighted. He has handled my arrhythmia and hypertension for years, but I have never tied my heart issues to my PTSD. I will also bring info on the IMO/IME. I don't believe it is Ischemic heart disease, but cardiac problems yes. As for contacting the Scheduling Director, my last DRO De Novo review that was denied, also indicated they saw no reason to send the request to the director. Honestly there has been nothing close to: "When the totality of the evidence supports
  5. Sorry if this question/answer is already posted, but I couldn't find it. I have just received 10/05/26 another DRO De Novo denial for increase in PTSD [currently 50% PTSD 10% other] and approval for TDIU. This has been going on for a decade and the local DRO has blatantly ignored 12 years of therapy and VA psych assessments which counter the one C&P doctor's 40min assessment. But my question is; I have been in contact with a lawyer to represent this appeal to BVA. I'm a Vietnam Vet and at 69 I will be 74 by the time the 5 year BVA backlog gets to it. So I need to do this right. I have r
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