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  1. Gastone.....I am 100% P&T and have been since 2014, but back dated to 2012, my SC's are PTSD and TBI. I did wait about a year before I filed for SSDI, I thought I was able to go back to work but it didn't work out. The reason SSA gave me for the initial denial was they stated I could be a cashier. After the denial I was a little thrown off so I ended up hiring a lawyer after the initial denial and Im still waiting on a response from that claim. After speaking with my wife I now know why they recommended going to polytrauma and alcohol classes before they move forward with the caregiver claim.
  2. Vync, I applied last year and was denied SSDI, I now have a lawyer and refiled.. I am only 39 yrs old and I'm sure that has something to do with my denial letter from SSDI.. Why the question Vync?
  3. UPDATE.... a little bit over 1 week after my wife had an hour long phone interview I got a call from the caregiver coordinator. Today the coordinator called to let me know that I would have to attend an appointment with the polytrauma memory unit and get evaluated for alcohol, I found this odd, but I will go to the appointments and update once complete.
  4. Thanks again for the response asknod, I really appreciate sharing your knowledge. I find it hard to believe only post 9/11 service members are able to apply for this benefit, I would've like to be a fly on the wall when they passed this legislation. As stated earlier Im now in the hurry and wait mode..
  5. Thanks for the reply asknod, Ive been unable to work since 2014 and I don't see myself going back anytime soon. I just didn't understand why at the end of an hour long interview why they didn't state if I was approved or not. I guess its another hurry and wait game. Asknod do you have a caregiver assigned to you, if yes what happened after the first phone interview? Thanks in advance for your help
  6. I wanted to inquire about the process for my wife becoming a caregiver. She had her phone interview today that lasted about an hour, and I guess we will be waiting for a response via mail on the determination if we qualified or not. I was wanted to know is this a normal thing for the guys that have already been down this road. To my understanding I thought she would be told today if she was accepted or not, but I guess it doesn't work the way I thought. Thanks in advance for your help. Semper Fi
  7. USDART.... thanks for sharing your story. I will admit I feel your pain brother and to be honest I felt emotional just reading the few words you posted. I am a Marine, but before that I was a man, one that doesn't show emotion very often especially in front of others. When I had my C&P exam I was asked the same questions and sitting on that couch in that office my heart began to race. Before my exam I thought I had prepared myself for any question that was thrown at me, but I was wrong. My emotions took over and I was unable to answer the question. Completing 3 combat tours in Iraq I have done numerous things in my life that have left permanent scars on my brain. I know its easier said than done, but don't worry about your answer brother I think it will come out in your favor. Once again I will say I feel your pain....I live with your pain. I hope one day you will be able to find peace and the VA will honor the benefits you deserve. Semper Fi
  8. Thanks for the quick response Navy04.... This was my first initial claim thats why the effective date kinda threw me off. I'm assuming its effective on Dec 2013 due to the fact that is the latest cola update but you know what happens when one assumes.. Thanks again for the quick response.
  9. Thanks all, I really appreciate the comments. Once I get the VA package in the mail I will update with how the claim was broke down. In the mean time I guess I will sit here and wonder when my retro will hit my account. I'm still a little confused to the effective date, I filed my claim in Nov 2012 but the effective date in ebenefits was Dec 2013. Thanks again everyone, it really does mean something when you take time out of your day to provide support. Semper Fi
  10. 63SIERRA..... sorry to here about your disappointment, or what you believe is a disappointment. I understand you feel as if you should be rated differently and I hope you keep up the fight to get you and your loved one the compensation you deserve. In my post I wanted to let everyone know that I completed this claim on my own. There was no luck or secret to the methods I followed. When I came to a wall I relied on this site and the knowledge available to guide me. I'm not telling anyone to not get a VSO, I choose to walk this journey alone. I know this for a fact....nobody and I mean nobody is going to fight for what YOU deserve more than you. Some days are tough and some days are great, but in the end I promise you will prevail. You may not have gotten what you think you or your spouse deserved, but you have won the first battle. The door is now opened and its up to you to keep pushing until you can walk freely through that door. I wish you and your spouse the best in this fight for what you deserve. Semper Fi
  11. Carlie I wanted to take a moment and thank you personally....well at least thank you via this forum. I don't know if you recall but when I first joined this site I was running into a few road blocks with how to move forward with my claim and you personally helped me out by providing important information that pointed me in the right directions. Thanks again for all you do, you are truly an angel...
  12. Thank you sir... I'm not going anywhere, I can't turn my back on the only place that was there to help me, no matter what day or time it was.... HADIT
  13. Yes it does seem like Waco is moving in the right directions now. I guess all in all from start to finish it took 14 months to complete my claim. Semper Fi brother
  14. Thanks everyone.. Navy04......I had a C&P for TBI, PTSD, Tinnitus and a skin condition. When I went the docs were great, one doc even gave me her cell phone and told me to call her if I ever needed help. She called many times to check on me. I will admit the VA system at times can be a beast, but if you have a valid claim and patience you will find the light at the end of the tunnel. Wish you the best Navy04 in your upcoming exams.
  15. Brother and Sisters, On Nov 2012 I filed my first claim with numerous contentions after seperating from the Marine Corps in Sept 2009. I spent the first part of my adulthood protecting this country, 14 years of active service, 3 combat tours in Iraq. I decided to go forward without help, knowing that nobody cares more about my well being then the man looking back at me each morning in the mirror. In Nov 2013 I attended 4 separate C&P exams at an outsourced clinic in Fort Worth TX. Today I checked ebenefits and my claimed moved to closed. I went to the letters section on ebenefits and it stated I'm now 100% totally and permanently. I have yet to receive the brown envelop that so many other speak of. I would like to thank each and everyone on this site that has provided me with guidance. I may not post often but I'm here each and every day reading material that others need help with. I wish everyone wellness. Thanks again HADIT Semper Fi
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