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  1. I received radiation treatments for prostate cancer recently. My PSA has dropped almost in half and continues to drop. I am finally feeling better but I am left with an ED problem. I have tried all the pills for ED and Viagra sorta works the best. A friend uses Edex injections and tells me they really work very well but it is expensive. Does the VA prescribe Edex injections? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. bm6546


    Welcome to Hadit. Yes, it is a great place for veterans helping veterans. The very knowledgable people here have helped me a great deal over the past few years.
  3. Thanks for the reply John. The last time I was at the BVA it took over 2 years to hear back from them and then it was remanded back to Oakland. Another 2 years to finally get rated. It sounds like I would at least have a shot at the DRO Review no matter how long it takes. I have 60 days to respond from yesterday.
  4. I was awarded 30% 1 year ago. The VA only gave me 6 months back. I filed an appeal for an earlier effective date. In June 2008 the VA Cardiologist prescribed medication for my heart condition because he said it was getting worse. Then in October 2012, I had a heart ablation, by a private doctor and hospital for my PSVT. The ablation was partially sucessful but I am still having episodes of PSVT, but not as severe. My Cardiologist says I will probably be on my heart medication for the rest of my life. Because of this ablation, the VA awarded me 30%, which I am very grateful for. My appeal stated that I should be considered back to June 2008 for at least 10% because the VA prescribed this medication because my SC condition was getting worse, but I guess the VA doesn't quite see it that way. Although the VA did not exactly turn my appeal down but instead has given me the option to have a Decision Review Officer assigned to my case or I can follow the traditional appeal process. My question is : 1. Is this potentially a good thing to have my case looked at by a Decision Review Officer? 2. Approximately how long does this normally take? 3. Should I just wait and let the appeal process take its course? I have to add that I just sent in my appeal not even 30 days ago, and I am quite surprised that I received an answer back from the VA in such a short period of time. Any help anyone can give me would be apprecaited. Thanks in advance, Brian
  5. pr, Aren't we all full of stupid questions but are afraid to ask. There were several of my students that wanted to ask that stupid question and were really happy that someone else asked it because they were afraid to. I was wondering about the rocking the boat and just leave it alone. But it seems that when I filed my original claim in June 2006, nothing has changed with my condition. Well, actually, I am feeling much better since my Heart Ablation in Oct 2012. But I don't want the VA to say "Well, you had a Heart Ablation and now your fixed so you don't need the 30% rating and retro now" I feel just the opposite has happened. The VA finally realized that my PSVT has gotten a lot worse and I needed to have the Heart Ablation to help fix things. Maybe this veteran really does have a problem with his arrythmias so maybe we should give him the rating he deserves. I met yesterday with my VSO and discussed it with him. He told me he wants to consult with someone at the AL and will get back to me with what they think is the correct way to handle this. I am just at a quandry as to what to do at this point. Thanks, Brian
  6. Yes Grass Valley in N. California...God's country
  7. I have a sorta dumb question. I know, the only dumb question is the one not asked. At least thats what I used to tell my students many years ago when I was teaching. Heres my question: If I appeal the Effective Date with the VA on my new claim, what are the chances that they will reduce my rating? Or say something like, we made a mistake and take my rating away from me. I waited for 7 years to get this rating and a little money and don't want to piss them off by asking for more money. Does this sound a little paranoid on my part? Has anyone else thought about this when they have won a claim with the VA? Or is it just me? I guess I just need a little reassuring. Or else I need a big hug from someone to tell me that it is going to be alright. Geez...does that sound sappy or what!!
  8. I think I am going to appeal the effective date. Thanks for the congratulations. Thank you.
  9. I finally received my brown envelope. They gave me a temporary evaluation of 100% for 1 month based on surgical or other treatment necessitating convalescence. An evaluation of 30 % is assigned from Dec 1, 2012. "We have assigned a 30% evaluation based on VA examination findings of 3/14/13 which notes supraventicular tachycardia with more than 4 episodes documented with holter monitor. Your file will be transferred back to BVA for their consideration of your standing appeal. We have assigned an effective date of 12/1/12 because that is consistent with findings at VA examination". Although I am basically happy with being rated at 30%, I am not sure if I want to appeal this rating. I do not agree with the effective date of 12/1/2012. I filed my original claim back in June 2006. I am not sure why they decided on Dec 1, 2012. My C&P exam was back in March 2013 and the doctor noted that I had a heart ablation for my PSVT, back in Oct, 2012. I have had this PSVT ever since I was discharged from the Navy in 1966. I finally received the proper medical care, thanks to modern medicine and technology, to help ease my current PSVT. My heart ablation helped me tremendously and I am very thankful for that. It did not cure me but my PSVT is much less occuring and a lot easier to deal with and my life is a lot easier to deal with. I will still have to take my heart medication (Metoprolol) for the rest of my life. Hope I don't sound like I am whining or ungrateful, but I just don't get it. Thanks for letting me vent. I feel much better now that I have that off my chest.
  10. Thanks aggie54. And congratulations on your win.
  11. I have to add that this deposit came a day after my birthday. So its a nice birthday gift to me and I am happy.
  12. I checked my bank account this morning and the VA deposited $5,139 . This amount makes no sense to me. It doesn't figure in my math. Still don't have the official letter yet. Pretty sure I will get the letter any day now. Things are starting to move now. Everyone says you will probably get the money deposited in your bank account before you actually get the letter. Correct in my case also, except its a little short.
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