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  1. Hello I'm here to ask for some help. I am service connected 50% for Major Depressive Disorder, Recurrent. My other diagnosis are:-History of substance abuse-Anxiety disorder-Depressive Disorder NOS-Personality disorder-Nicotine Dependence-Cannabis Dependence-Opiate Dependence (In remission)-Sedative dependence (In remission) I just got a diagnosis for PTSD for Military Sexual Trauma. To get into the outpatient ptsd clinic it requires you being diagnosed with ptsd, and it has to be connected in service. The doc evaluated me, gave me the diagnosis for MST PTSD, and like I said it has to be service based to get in the program. So my question since I'm already disnosed for military sexual trauma causing ptsd, Will it be a tough fight trying to get compensation for it? Note: I did not make the Veteran Affairs aware of this trauma until 2 weeks ago, I was interviewed, dianosed with ptsd, and now will be going to outpatient ptsd clinic. Reason I did not reveal this information even though I could have got more compensation is because I'm a male, and until now I've carried this shame, gilt, feeling like I'm no longer a man... You guys can laugh (which I expect, that's the reason I never told anyone, not even my wife (who is clueless still). I have dealt with this for the past 8 years, I had no idea I could have "PTSD" from sexual trauma. Every thing makes little bit more sense since I got my dianosed. By the way I have used drugs, but the doctor specified that this does happen with ptsd. I didn't touch a drug until I was out of the military even a cigarette. But, the military started me on klonopin, xanax, ambien, hydrocone, effexor, trazodone,So they were 1st my drug dealer, ​I did not abuse them while in service. I didn't even know pills could get you high. Later I was introduced to Cannabis, I've told the VAot is the only thing that numbs me, stops the horrible thoughts, if I smoke pot before going to bed I do not remember my nightmares, I'm not looking around scared all the time, I don't have such an intense startle response, But that's a totally different subject. On another note, Can anyone help me find a military sexual trauma specialist in eastern Kentucky.

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