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  1. Officemate24

    Ptsd Deferred? Ssid?

    What is TDIU?
  2. Hey everyone, two years ago I was rated at 10% for my shoulder and another 30% for gastrointestinal bleeding. That put me at 40% total. I recently opened another claim for tinnitus and PTSD. My PTSD came back deferred, but my tinnitus came back at 10%. My overall rating has not changed as I am still at 40%. Shouldn't it go up to 50%? Is there something I am missing?
  3. Officemate24

    Ptsd Deferred? Ssid?

    thing is, I never went to c&p to be evaluated for PTSD. I was evaluated for tinnitus for the same claim and was approved. I started by going to an outpatient psych for treatment. He had encouraged me to put in the claim so I did. Do you guys think they will just take the evaluations from the outpatient program since there was no C&P?
  4. Officemate24

    2010 Ptsd Regulations

    I have a hard time reading long things like this…. what if you weren't deployed? I was sent to be an instructor at one of the most realistic training facilities in the country. would this harm my claim for PTSD?
  5. Hey man, hang in there. I am currently on my fifth person to tell my story to. Although its tough, it actually seems to be therapeutic in a way. I do feel your frustration though...
  6. I have a rating of 50% right now. I reopened my claim to include PTSD. The doctors at the VA have diagnosed me with PTSD and I have been receiving treatment for almost a year. I have been unable to hold a job due to my condition. I just got a letter saying the decision for PTSD was deferred and Im not too sure what that means. Also, I filed for SSID. Problem with this is my doctor says I should try to stay busy so I help out my father that has a landscaping company (he doesn't pay me because I am totally unreliable) and Im only doing it because the doctor told me to… do you think this will effect my SSID? How long will this deferment go on?

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