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  1. no thanks. We can close this thread. I am done looking for help from people.
  2. So I accidentally used the quotes wrong. I can upload more if you need but the findings were basically "insufficient evidence" No job would hire me with an indeterminable injury. VA wouldn't look at it. Been mooching for quite some time living off people. Rather sucks, and I thought I would try looking for help one last time.. My family doesn't comprehend my issue that well and have become tired of dealing with it as well. Never ending. My mother seems to understand a bit. Her father (my deceased grandfather) was a Veteran from WW2 (Flying fortress over Germany) with back problems too. I know my father has an underlying fear that I am just being a lazy ass. Except, it was my hard work ethic that caused my exact back problem. Tired of being looked at like a malingerer, tired of being in debt, tired of being treated worst than someones Foo Foo pet. 1 week for a dog or cat to get an MRI. 6 months they told me at the VA.... As if anyone truly cared. I have been a patient patient of which I am no longer.
  3. Yes I loved Korea while I was there. I wish I could experience it again as a civilian! I joined in Jan 2006 (Post 9-11). Now I have heard that a lot of the bars and juicy plazas are getting demolished. Thank goodness. I actually went from the list (I updated in original post) of drugs: http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/2012December17PerroneMedsVAmedsseperate.png To marijuana. Yes, I understand the propaganda on both sides. It works for my spasms, pain, and concentration: my grades show it. http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/Grades.png After 2012, I began to smoke copiously. I still brake at Stop signs so I don't see what's wrong with it. It also doesn't give me hemorrhoids like the other drugs did...
  4. "Hi, my name is DeadPlug. I have been a long time follower of this website and this is my first post." HI DEAD PLUG! "Thanks! My problem has been in gaining timely care, or.. care in general from the V.A." *Grumbling ensues* "I know I know. They are monsters. Here we go:" January 2006 Joined U.S. Army Infantry, 11B (19 years old) – Private. May 2006 Korea, Camp Casey (Light Infantry/Bradley Operator) (A snippet of my training) http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=cd3_1407015733 May 2007 Texas (FOUO: Ops Asst.) October 2007 Hemorrhoid problems begin in military (Documented with multiple occurrences) May 2009 Discharged from Active Duty – Specialist Rank August 2009 REFRAD for Active Duty – Released with: Spondylolisthesis, Spondylosis, and Degenerative Disc Disease. Med boarded sort of. December 2009 Filed for eligibility with VA February 2010 VA Denial (The first of many) May 2011 Surgery: Hemorrhoid (Private) September 2011 Back Adjustments (Chiropractor) until October 2011 November 2011 Joined Army Reserves (Ops Asst. again) January 2012 Went to VA: Back Pain March 2012 Went to VA: Back Pain said to be “Psychosomatic” (documented). Treatment offered: MRI 6 months away. (Machines were broke they said) May 2012 Ongoing back pain - Private MRI: Degenerative Disc Disease, Moderate narrowing May 2012 Electrical stimulation, lumbar Injections & epidural fluoroscopies until July 2012 August 2012 Surgery: Lumbar Fusion, L4, L5, S1 (Private) September 2012 Physical therapy 3x a week until Oct. 2012 (Aged off insurance/Uninsured/Reliant on military). October 2012 Went to VA: Back Pain. January 2013 Difficulty walking, pain. June 2013 Surgery: Hemorrhoid (Private). Discharged from Reserves – Specialist Rank July 2013 First meet with VA Rehab August 2013 Surgery: Hemorrhoid Private) August 2013 Very first VA Rehab for back and walking problems… August 2013 Unable to receive pain management (unaffordable/uninsured) September 2013 DO Neuro-musculoskeletal (Private): Adjustments on a regular basis. September 2013 VA Outreach; Mental Health. Complaints. Intervention by Law Enforcement October 2013 Surgery: Hemorrhoid (Private) January 2014 Rehab (Private) until March 2014 (26 years old) January 2014 Appealed VA Denial (12-18 months to wait for another denial) April 2014 Surgery: Hemorrhoid (Private) ^^Some doozies I know. Let me elaborate on any that you'd like. Anything with “Private” means my parents had to pay out of pocket…. The Doctor I used will be revealed when the question is posed "Did your doc just do a surgery for the money?" He's very reputable. I have not worked any jobs other than Military since May 2009. I am UNDER weight and I eat as much as possible. I am 27 years old and I round out to 150 pounds at 6’1”. (Almost below my min. body weight again) I left the military in 2009 at 210 pounds. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Definitions: Spinal Fusion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WID1p_UJZIM Degenerative Disc Disease http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_5U7skcQeM Spondylolisthesis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlJM2kLGwUI Spondylolysis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=du8Ch38mP54 Lumbar Pedicle Screw Surgery http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZ6XpGzuvg8 Sciatica http://www.spine-health.com/video/sciatica-interactive-video ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I understand I have made many mistakes in this process. Where people say "mistake" I hear "got reamed" so we may need to agree to disagree on the terminology throughout. I posted pictures to help substantiate my claims. I have done my very best at concealing the real sensitive data. I could care less if my name gets known. I just want this issue solved (I have a baby on the way and I am tired of going the direction of useless dead beat. I need an education but school means I need therapy first. Something that has become a burden on my entire family. It is financially and physically time consuming for everyone involved.) The military has released me for medical, re-enlisted me (*cough* high ASVAB scores *cough*) and then threw me out on my ass again. I hope they realize my back is broken, not my brain... Also, my grades in school went from "Being on probation" to "Deans List" and an A.A. thanks to one magical (illicit) medicine. Take a guess... Having an issue with images. I will figure it out soon. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2009Feb17 http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/2009Feb17VADenial.png 2009Oct09 http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/2009Oct09MedicalRecord.png 2009Oct15 http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/2009Oct15CATscan.png 2009Oct23 http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/2009Oct23MedBoard.png 2009Oct23 http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/2009Oct23MedicalRecord.png 2009Oct27 http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/2009Oct27Orders.png 2009Oct27 http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/2009Oct27P.1.png 2009Oct27 http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/2009Oct27P.2.png ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2010Feb10 http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/2010Feb10VADenial.png ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012December17 http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/2012December17PerroneMedsVAmedsseperate.png 2012July19 http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/2012July19ReservesLOD.png ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2013May05 http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/2013May05NeuroDoc.png 2013June26 http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/2013June26JCornynvsVA.png 2013July03 http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/2013July03VADenial.png 2013Aug04 http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/EverettWayne_A_P_L_P_Standing.00014C19.jpg ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Extra Data) Grades http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/Grades.png Some of my Vaccines http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/Vaccines.png Found letter by my mother, Page 1: http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/MotherPg1.png Page 2 of letter: http://picoolio.net/images/2014/08/04/MotherPg2.png
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