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  1. Ma'am, I appreciate your opinion. I will get in contact with a property management company to manage my house. Thanks
  2. I need your opinion on if I should get a property manager to manage my house. I live in another state. I'm 100% with a follow up schedule in 2019. I have applied for Social Security. I don't want to give them the impression that I can work. Please give me your opinion. Thanks
  3. 82airborne, Thanks for your feedback...
  4. Team, I want to thank you all for your opinion. I'm going to look into getting another psych. I will also look into getting a civilian psych as well. Thanks
  5. Okay, I will look into requesting one next week. If I go to a civilian psych for treatment do you think VA would recognize it?
  6. I really need your advice! I'm rated 100% service connected for Chronic Severe PTSD, and Major Depressive Disorder with a future Exam in 2019. I'm currently seeing a Mental Health Doctor at the VA. This guy is a negative piece of crap. I'm willing to pay out of my pocket to see someone outside of VA. Would it hurt me in the long run if i see a civilian mental health Doctor? I don't think i can deal with this guy too much longer. Please help!!
  7. mike_smith5223

    I Had My C&p

    Hello, I have copies of my C&P examination. I would like to get someone opinion on what you think my % for disability would be. What do i need to post i order to get your opinion? Thanks Mike

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