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  1. Thanks for all the advice. Cooter, as far as MOS...I was a medic while I was enlisted for four years, and did another four years as a Field Artillery Officer. Most of the time as an officer, I was locked into an FSO (fire support officer) role. During that time, I was jumping off my Bradley all the time. I also went through jump school, but I don't think 5 jumps would have caused the pain. However, jumping down from my Bradley over and over....might have contributed. As far as a traumatic injury that could have caused the patella femoral issue, I didn't experience anything like that. Just repeated pounding over a four year period.
  2. Good morning. This is my first post here. This site has been very helpful since I started reading it. I applied for PTSD starting back in June 2013. I was in Sadr City, Iraq in 2004-2005. I waited 8 years to claim, but my wife and parents were pushing me to claim it. I was awarded last month 50% for MDD. While I was applying for compensation, I was fixated on just getting the PTSD/MDD taken care of. Now that is over with, I am considering filing for the patellar femoral syndrome that I was diagnosed with back in 2008. At that time, I was called up to re-activate from IRR. I was released from that due to my patellar femoral syndrome, which I believe is service connected. It is intermittent pain and causes me difficulty walking at times. I'm not sure how much success I will have though, considering I was never treated for it while I was active duty, and it comes and goes, so I'm not sure how a C&P exam would go. I do have medical records however from my civilian primary care giver and orthopedic specialist showing that I have PFS. Any thoughts or advice? I don't want to waste my time if I don't have a chance of getting a rating. Thanks
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