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  1. Hello all, to address carlie and Berta. The SMC-S was based on my accumulation of Rating (165%). I don't think that I will lose that, because most of my ratings are a result of Mediastinal Fibrosis with the exception of "bad knees" which at this time are rated 0%. To address Berta about questions and Mediastinal Fibrosis--yes you assumed right, I am looking for work outside the home on a trial basis, because I never know what my future holds, short-term nor long-term. I am contemplating AmeriCorps--a company that has volunteer positions to allow people to earn a little income and at the same time earn an education stipend. The position I'm seeking helps Disabled Vets around the USA. They didn't rate the disease under any code because there are none. I had to prove my case! How? -- I breathed in a spore call Histoplasmosis--a result of running network cable in a hanger in the beams where pigeon droppings reside--so I breathed in a lot. Not thinking anything about it, I noticed over the next 5 years a chronic dry cough, flu-like symptoms in which I was seeking military doctor help. For 5 years they said I had the flu and "exited" me out the doors. The Histoplasmosis is treatable with a drug call Sporanox; however, unfortunately (for me), the Histoplasmosis when untreated, it becomes fatal in the form of Mediastinal Fibroses--this has left my lungs and midsection a mess. -- I have 3 stints in my upper left pulmonary artery (this is what saved my life). I then approximate 3 years later, had a small stint placed in my right lower lobe because that part of the lung was dying for lack of oxygen—I was very short of breath. NOTE: The stints are dangerous to insert, because the surgeon has to run a cathedral through veins and ultimately through the heart to get to the closing pulmonary arteries. The danger is that if when they go to put the cathedral into the pulmonary artery, the opening is very small and on top of that the cathedral is "bouncing" with the beating of your heart. When they "shoot" the cathedral into the artery it can burst it and you will immediately die. Fortunately for me, both procedures were a success and I walked out of the hospital. -- When they put the stints in they do a systolic and diastolic pressure reading in your lungs--same as a cardio echo; however, the reading withing the lungs is extremely accurate and rare to get. My reading was at a rate of one at exercise--this causes the heart to work hard all day long to get the oxygen to the needed places of the body which in turn causes extreme fatigue (many naps-- ). This was how I won my case, because my pressure was way above other 100% scheduled listings' qualifications. Hope this answers all of your questions and moreover helps any others that unfortunately find themselves with this ugly disease. There is quite a bit of information on the Internet about Mediastinal Fibrosis now for there was very, very little when I found out about the "sickness". --
  2. Thank you all for your posts, jbasser--I'll look into the ticket for work program. I've checked it out pretty good, but I will give it another glance. Also, thank you Pete53--the older I get the more I'm seeing "caution" one must take before proceding with both the VA and SSA. I will be visiting a VA "center/Lounge" tomorrow and I'll have plenty of questions to ask. If I have to play it save than that is what I'll do! Waynoe
  3. Hello everyone and thanks for your inputs--I need to add some clarity. I'm not worried about losing SSDI. Also, my rating is based on a rare disease of my lungs and midsection for breathing in spores while doing my military duties (job). The disease is called Mediastinal Fibrosis and deadly--it is not in the ratings schedules--I had to fight for it. I once needed a lungs and heart transplant, but a Surgical doctor put stents inside my lungs because my pulmonary arteries were closing with some already closed. So, in short, 1) I'm not worried about losing my SSDI and 2) My condition will never change, but worsen. Again, thanks for your inputs. I believe jbasser is correct; however, hopefully, I can get a "complete" answer quickly for Thursday, there is a huge job fair, mainly for Veterans--the jobs are with Government contractors.
  4. Thanks! I just posted a confusing new topic; however, my profile does not show any posts. Does this take a while? or does this require to be approved?
  5. Hello, I have been rated service connected 100% Permanent and Total Disabled with a SMC Special Monthly Compensation-S and that I have been found to meet the housebound criteria. I also receive SSDI. The 100% is based on one claim--others follow with an accumulated 165% service connected disablement. Retirement date: Jan 2006 I recently received a Bachelor's degree under the Post 9/11 program. I'm cautiously seeking some extra income as a trial, however, I am confused with all of the information I have sought over the internet to include the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 38 in particular section 4.15. My regional VA Officer said that it shows that I am 100% service connected P&T and that I can make any amount I choose without penalty. Can anyone help unconfuse me on all of this information? and/or Am I risking much too much?
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