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  1. https://www.cbo.gov/budget-options/2016/52177 Has anyone else seen this memo eliminating concurrent pay and disability compensation for veterans effective 2018. This will have a major impact on families financially.
  2. Buck, I just had my C&P exam for migraines and sleep apnea on Tuesday 19 Jan 16 at QTC in Euless Tx. It wasn't as bad as I thought although when they called me to schedule the increase/decrease C&P appointment I was told it was just for migraines. After I checked in they gave me paperwork to complete, guess what? It was the DBQ...I completed it and then I went in to see the doctor. I brought my medical records from my civilian doctor as I have never utilized the VA. He had my military records and was very thankful I had brought the medical records from my neurologist, in fact he referenced them when he filled out the DBQ on the computer. He went word for word off the DBQ just asking the questions off the form. I think I screwed up by being honest, I suffer from allergic rhinitis and my nose gets clogged and runs a lot, when it is clogged and running I don't use the machine. My neurologist says thats when I should use it. The doctor said, so you don't use your machine all the time...I said yes but I don't when I am congested. Study the DBQ tonight and take your records. Make sure you take you travel voucher they will ask for the paperwork you were sent. Good luck! I'm patiently waiting to see if I will be increased or decreased. Hope this helps!
  3. Good afternoon, I received a call from the Ft Worth VA to schedule me for a C&P exam for a claim that I filed...I'm currently receiving 80% disability. I have not filed another claim for anything so I was puzzled and asked what it was for and they stated it was for my sleep apnea and migraines in which I receive 50% for sleep apnea and 30% for the migraines. I was puzzled to say the least however I asked what I needed to bring as I have private insurance from my husband's job and Tricare as well and the person told me nothing. I asked if he would like me to bring my meds and he said yes, if I would like but I didn't need to. My question is, is this normal and what should I expect they told me they have to get this done as quickly as possible because they only have a 30 day turn around. This is new to me and I am very confused, I'm new to the process. Please advise. v/r ttowngirl31 MSgt (ret) USAF
  4. My husband received his disability rating of 90% in July 2013, he has not received a payment to date. When we visited the VA they stated it was because he selected not to waive his retirement pay which is outdated. He was asked to sign another form and submit it in which he did. We then waited 30 days to inquire again, they said they never received it. He then resubmitted it again certified mail and again waited another 30 days. We then decided to visit the VA in Jackson MS, they couldn't tell us why he wasn't getting paid but again asked him to complete another form. We have since relocated to Texas and have visited the VA twice to see what's going on, nobody can tell us anything. Any advice?
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