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    Thank you! Appreciate the heads up Papa.
  2. Dtown

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    Sounds good, Thank you!
  3. Thank you Hadit members for posting and helping make the process so much easier for everyone. I was preciously 20% SC and filed a new claim in September of 2015. I was just granted an additional 20%. 10%L knee- effective date 03/2014 10% Tinnitus- effective date 03/2014 New claim 10% L ankle- effective date 09/2015 10% R knee- effective date 03/2014 R knee was denied on original claim (03/2014), I reopened the claim and submitted new evidence. How does retro pay work in this situation? I should of been 30% since 03/2014. Thank you!
  4. I filed request for increase for my left ankle. It is currently SC 0%, and my civilian Dr. Is recommending surgery. I submitted his report along with MRI. Here is the C&P results.
  5. Thank you! Crossing my fingers. I am SC 0% for L ankle and filed for an increase. I feel the C&P was in my favor; ROM- Abnormal or outside of normal range. Dorsiflexion: 0-10 degrees
  6. During C&P for both knees and ankles, the Dr. checked off that the exam was being conducted during a flare-up. Is the exam being conducted during a flare-up? [x] Yes [ ]No I am not sure how this is going to effect the exam.
  7. I did state that I get several flare-ups, but when he got the the question below he didn't ask, he marked yes. Im not sure if it's going to hurt the results of my exam (range of motion part) or help my cause in regards to the flare-ups. Is the exam being conducted during a flare-up? [x] Yes [ ]No He then skipped the following; If no, does the Veteran report flare-ups? [ ]Yes [ ] NoFrequency: dailySeverity: moderateDuration: depends on activityIf the examination is not being conducted during a flare-up:[ ] The examination supports the Veteran's statements describingfunctional loss during flare-ups.[ ] The examination contradicts the Veteran's statementsdescribingfunctional loss during flare-ups. Please explain.[ ]The examination neither supports nor contradicts the Veteran'sstatements describing functional loss during flare-ups.Does pain, weakness, fatigability or incoordination significantly limitfunctional ability with flare-ups?[ ] Yes [ ] No
  8. I'm a little confused, I had a C&P done for both knees and ankles. I could see the computer over the Dr's shoulder and everything looked favorable; flare-ups, pain, discomfort, loss of motion. I got confused when the Dr. got to the question; is patient being examined during a flare-up? He stated yes for all four joins. I told him I was in discomfort, but that I didn't have any flare-ups. He stuck with "I was having a flare-up". Is this going to hurt or help my exam results? thank you!
  9. Great advice, thank you! I will keep you posted.
  10. I am SC 0% for my left ankle and it's been a few months since the rating. I was seen by an ankle specialist, had MRI done and he recommended surgery to repair the damage. Now that I have new evidence, should I submit the new evidence and request an increase or should I submit a NOD? Thank you!
  11. What is the difference (if any) between an online appeal on ebenefits and a NOD? I am looking to start the appeal process after gathering new evidence. Thank you!
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