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  1. Has anyone had any success adding dependents to their Ebenefits? Everytime I click the link it asks me to log in again...
  2. Went to travel pay today and they said I'd be getting a check for every single appointment I had for my SC disabilities as well as C&P, wooot wooot!
  3. Thanks Fat! Any opinions on the pics I uploaded, anyone?
  4. I feel as though I've gotten a pretty good rating for my first go round, but if the conditions worsen, I definitely will do that. I haven't been working this year, since January and I've only had sporadic employment since 2010. One of the full-time jobs I had was in 2013 and the other was this past year, both no more than 6 months each. Both of them I had to quit because of my depression symptoms. What's the best way to show that I've been unemployed? Tax returns? or maybe a letter from friends/family? Thanks Rick!! Yeah, I'm a bit confused because I've gotten the award letter, and it registers on ebenefits as 80%. Is there anything that comes after the award letter? I have a few pending disability claims that they said needed further examination. I hope that doesn't delay payment for what I HAVE been approved for. If it helps any in figuring this all out, I filed for a hardship grant due to my nearly being homeless again and owing rent to my landlady, I'm wondering if I will still be granted that grant. I did not complete a fully developed claim until this past January, but if I can get retro from last year, that'd be wonderful. Did you get paid from 2013? I also have to add a dependent, my daughter, which should've been added from the getgo being that I had to submit a copy of her social and birth certificate. I believe I'll know more at the beginning of August if my start date for pay is July, correct? Should I have seen something about retro payment in the award letter? I've attached pictures from my award letter of the disabilities I was approved for in the hopes that it might be of help in decyphering this issue. Thanks for all your help, folks!
  5. Also, how would I go about applying after receiving award letter? Would that push anything back with other disabilities? I have a few things that were deferred and would rather have some money coming in than having to wait another 3 months..Thanks everyone!
  6. No exam on that date...I originally applied back sometime in 2014 and did not have my divorce decree so I put it on hold...Then, in January 2015 I finally got to where I was going after spending over half a year homeless and also bouncing from address to address. That's what I was a little confused by, Bronc. When I look at my disabilities, it also has some of them saying 2014 and some of them 2015 but I was under the impression that I would be retro'ed from January of 2015 for 80%. What is ya'll's opinion I could get TDIU? I haven't really worked in over 5 years, some occasionally working for day labor, other than that, I did have two jobs but they were both less than 5 months after calling in alot due to my depression. Thanks Eagle & Kelly!!!! I'm super excited, ready for August to get here already, lol. I need to buy a truck with my retro!
  7. Thanks for your input Buck. I'm wondering if this had anything to do with the fact that I started a claim but didn't have my daughter's info and my divorce decree so I kinda gave up on it until I got to MN, in July. I was only expecting retro from Jan to June but if it goes back that far, that's even better!!
  8. Gotta few questions: What does this mean? I have not received any compensation thus far...
  9. I appreciate the responses, fellow vets. The issue I have is that the information provided is incorrect. If this were the case, I believe my PCP would've put it in my record, over the year+ that he has seen me. I've never had an issue getting care from him and the only reason I took this guy over my PCP (the director) is because I was desperate to get relief. Another issue I have, is that he took me off one medicine and put me back on the medicine I was on before, that did not work. This wasn't a part of a C&P but rather, just a regular doc appointment... I appreciate the responses!
  10. I recently had a doctor put in my medical file, "avoid opioids given hx of polysubstance abuse and depression.". This really infuriates me for two reasons: 1) The only opioids I have been prescribed was months ago, for back pain, and have no other pain killers prescribed since 2) He states that I have been abusing multiple substances, due to the fact that I tested positive for THC, months ago, in which at one point when I lived in a MMJ state, I was actually prescribed and had my license. How would I go about getting this removed from my file? I feel as though it's insulting and unfair.
  11. I updated it to reflect a more concise posting. Thanks in advance fellow veterans. Thanks for confirming what I thought might be the case, Navy04.
  12. Bueler? Bueler? I know this may be hard on the eyes, what's the best way to copy text in here? I don't see an option for Rich Text Format.
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