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  1. Thank you everyone for your responses. When I went through C&P the evaluator told me that I should be closer to 70% rating for PTSD. Prior to leaving the service, I was in counseling for about two years and was prescribed Zoloft for my PTSD and Klonopin for my sleep disorder. There were also other drugs that they tried but they didn't seem to help. My pschcologist scheduled me for a sleep study and I was diagnosed for REM sleep behavior disorder. The sleep disorder makes sense because I would run in my sleep and thrash around. I had very vivid dreams of the incident and in the dreams I was running away. However, the sleep disorder is rolled in with my PTSD. This is what it reads in my claim -post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (claimed as sleep disturbances/insomnia, anxiety, depression). It also says that the PTSD is non combat related but is occured in Iraq during deployment. I am a little confused on what would make it combat related or not. Also, I spent a year battling a misdiagnosis from incompetent doctors who refused to grant me an off post referral. I had to go higher up to get them to listen. When I finally recieved the referral, I was sent to this amazing doctor who was able to diagnose me pretty quickly. I want to include that in my claim but right now they have the wrong diagnosis and it's rated at 0%. I had submitted the doctors notes but I don't think they have looked at it. Thank you again! Regards, Amanda
  2. Hello Everyone, I have been awarded 70% of which 50% is from PTSD (this resulted from MST). The remaining is from migranes that I believe were a result of eye surgery. I also have a sleep disorder from the PTSD and take medication for it but the VA won't award me for that. As you can probably see from the time of this post, the medication doesn't always work. I can't currently work right now but I am attending school. I am considering dropping it though because I am having problems controlling my anger around others. My husband is prior service with TBI and PTSD and I've been made his primary caregiver as well. I have two questions at this point. How do I apply for an increase on the PTSD and what does TDIU and P&T mean? I have to go to the Phoenix VA which is pretty worthless. I haven't seen my doctor in over 3 months because they keep cancelling on me and I am almost out of medication. I am just feeling very overwhelmed. I am considering going back to counseling but I would prefer that it was outside the VA. I had to quit last time because I developed a drinking problem. I am afraid to go down that route again. Thank you, Amanda
  3. Hello, My name is Amanda. I left the Army last year and have been awarded a percentage. I came here looking for answers. The Phoenix VA hasn't been very helpful and it's very frusterating. Regards, Amanda
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