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  1. Great info! He is a great physician. Cares a lot about his clients. I wanted to spread the word out to see if more Veterans will reach out to him.
  2. Only musculoskeletal DBQs (back upper and lower, knees, feet, hips, shoulders, arms, hands, etc.). Nothing else. The VA does them for FREE but if you need help (i.e. your claim is taking too long, VA will not examine you, or you need a second opinion), this guy I believe is among the best most qualified orthopedic surgeons I've seen in my life. He will be fair so please bring all your evidence to him. He will get paid no matter the outcome (favorable or unfavorable) of the exam. I felt he was fair on my exam. His contact information: Regional Orthopaedic Medicine: Weiss David DO Address: 201 Woolston Dr, Morrisville, PA 19067, United States Phone:+1 215-736-2410 IMPORTANT: His time is very limited because this practice is very busy. He did 3 (2 for claims for increase and one for new claim) DBQs for me and assured me that he could help other Veterans in a limited basis. He charged me $500 for all 3 which I thought was good. He also prepared a medical opinion for one of them. You should be LOCAL (NJ, PA, or even NY, DE, WV, or be willing to travel or flight to include hotel). You can tell him if you want to that I referred you to him. Please be patient with him as I think he is a really good doctor but found the process with DBQs to be a bit tough, but he did them for me, and said he will help other Veterans if they call and adjust to his busy practice. Just wanted to provide this information in case any Veteran needs it.
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