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  1. Hello Everyone. Im new to the website. Finally got a chance to log in and post some questions I have. I currently have an lawyer representing me and is very fimiliar with the VA system. I currently have  DRO assigned to my case. I had a hearing with the DRO on (Sept 1. 2016). I had a QTC Exam for PTSD on (Nov 16, 2016) with the word "EXPEDITE" in Big Bold Red Letters. Now that the Exam is done, Its now (Dec 21, 2016) who long before you think I recieve any papers on the decision. This is about the best reply I came up with on another side. Its Now Been Exactly 5 weeks.

    "No one can tell you how long the DRO will take, but based on your information about expediting it, a guestimate of within 3 weeks may be sound. Once the DRO makes the decision, internal preparation to prepare your paperwork, any retro pay (if you are not retired) etc have to be completed because you will be issued a Rating Decision. If only a partial grant of sought benefits occurs, then the DRO would also have to prepare and issue you a Statement of the Case (SOC) explaining the reason and bases for the decision(s) which you received. Keep in mind that mailing time could result in about a week for a SOC, and about 2 weeks for a Rating Decision."

    Does this sound about right ???? Again Im now at 5 weeks as the reply indicates. But nothing yet.

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