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  1. Thanks, sent a PM. I'll detail the procedure as I go through it for a follow up reply to this to help others, if it can. I applied back in October, ebenefits is showing entitled to both. The works in process page is showing Pending Decision Approval so I know I still need to wait a few.
  2. Sorry if this a rehashed question. I applied for Automobile Grant (21-4502) October 11th. Ebenefits shows on benefits under Supplementary Benefits, "Entitled to Automobile Grant of up to $20,114.34 and Adaptive Equipment for your Automobile." Obviously I need to wait for the form/certificate to be sent back to proceed. My VA Driver Rehab/KT recommended Hitch lift, wheel knob, and hand controls. Plus I have 4 kids, so a minivan wouldn't really fit the bill. My question is what then? Most mobility dealers in my area sell the roll-on minivans. So can I just go to any regular dealer, pick out a vehicle, then take it to the local VA Approved conversion shop / mobility dealer? I just don't want to run in circles. Also if any fellow chair users have advice on type of vehicle, I'm open to recommendations.
  3. If your husband is Retired Military and would be eligible for care on post, he can order a standard pair from the Navy for free and they would mail them. http://www.med.navy.mil/sites/nostra/order/Pages/Retiree.asp

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