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  1. hello everyone im 80% rated with multible disabilities with one disability at 40%,I was working up to last year but because of my inabilty to get around no steps/stairs/ladders or standing for too long, I had to take what i could get with retirement before i was 62 because of my inability to work.I did turn 62 in april and im able to get social security,my conditions are lower back/both knees/ankle and servere arthritis in both knees and lower back.Ive tried looking for simple type work but with my knees and lower back i cant,would the little i get from retirement and social security count as income for UI?
  2. Hello how can i obtain a copy of my C and P from last year,the c and P was favorable to my case and im looking to have outside treatment done.I had the C and P done at LHI near my hometown,I called the regional office of the va in NYC and they pointed me to st louis mo etc,Is it possible to find a local VSO who could in turn look it up for me at there office?Or does LHI have the ability to give me a copy if i request it from them?,im trying to get a copy in the shortest time possible without waiting 4-5 months as stated by my local RO
  3. geekysquid yes my retirement pension is far from what it would have been if i did full retirement age with the VA.
  4. will do geeksquid yes it is just what i could get from the va, i retired before age 63 and had to just retire with 29 yrs, i could not do any masonary work or go up stairs or get on ladders etc,if i tried i would be on rest for at least 2-3 days afterwards to get the sweeling etc back to normal,everyone at work knows completly about my service disability and always stepped in to help.i did decide to just retire out last august before i was subject to any negitive actions at work,ive seen over the yrs what happens to disabled workers working in the vet admin and i did not want the dogs on me
  5. I will do Berta,shoud have it any day,the case was closed last sunday,i already got the retro in the bank,only a months retro but still something
  6. hi Berta im in the hudson valley area and my RO is in NYC ,should i wait and see the paperwork when it hits my house to any ref to TDIU i did not apply yet for ssdi, i just retired out of work in the VA as a Mason last august and i have not been able to work at all, the knees and back prevent me from doing any masonary work.standing walking a distance etc.
  7. hello geekysquid i did not apply for TD/IU i thought that at least one disability had to be at least 70 percent,below is attached a copy of my disabilitys in ebennies,in reading i see if at least one dis is 40 percent for tdiu i could apply?I had to leave the workforce last august and just retire out with whatever i had for my yrs retirement from working for the gov because my knees and lower back could not let me perform my job as a Mason,could not stand or go on ladders and lift anything anymore without great pain,walking or standing for over 5 min etc really effected me.do i need to wait to apply for the TDIU since my case just closed on the 6th,i did recieve retro pay today for just the month of april.please look at my new rating in the attachment and see if im eligible to apply for tdiu, thanx guys for the help
  8. hi guys thank you for all the help i have a retro pay question,i was awarded an increase on my existing va compensation,i went from 50 to 80 percent,it is showing a effective date of 3/10/2019 with the award,my question is if the retro pay increase starts from the effective date of 3/10/2019?,my claim closed over the weekend and ebenefits is already showing my new award percentage.just trying to figure out my retro amount.
  9. thanx for the response Fat the va math is crazy, i was 50% and my new rating is 80%,but i add up them all and it is 120%, def crazy math,hopfully ill see the retro money by end of week,not much in retro but it always helps
  10. thanx shrekthetank1 i thought by the claim being so fast only 11 ish weeks it was going to be a negative thing,but to my surprise it was positive results and its a happy day for me now
  11. my claim was started on march 8th and i was sent to lhi for a c and p 10 days later, it was in review stage 3 since, i checked it last thursday and it was still the same not to the next stage for approval, then tonight it said case closed see ebenefits for ratings, this was for an increase for knees and artitritis to both knees along with lower back as secondary to my right knee injury.i subbmitted all docs etc with the first opening of the case,this was thru the nyc office of the VA, the last time i went thru this it was over 8 months for desision, there must be a new system in place for claims.the new rating is showing in ebennies
  12. Hello everyone I have seen setup for a C& P exam on the 27th of jan for a knee injury(torn medial ligaments etc) from the service,I did a fully developed claim but was sent for a C& P exam,my question is on the day of the exam will they do xrays and an mri to confirm my injury or is this something they would send me to have done on my own, this is my first time for a comp claim
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