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  1. this is scary to read = I've seen numerous instances of veterans who request that their rating be increased from 50% to 70% and they receive back a "Notice of Proposal To Reduce Benefits" to 20%. The usual reason given by VA is an "improvement" of the rated condition.
  2. 50%, $836.13 a month. not enough, they didnt figure in a lot of problems i have. anti social, cant get along with people,hell cant stand people. granted i was a little surprised they went that high, bit not high enough. needs to be 70%, then ill say they acknowledge my condition for what it is.
  3. well went for what i thought was going to be a competency but turned out to be a compensation hearing. so now two different Dr to evaluate me. this one is a outside party Dr. he verified what the first one said. said i would get a copy of his results in about a month. try to think optimistically. right now the VA in my state is under a lot, and i mean a lot, of criticism for all the bad things theyve done, Phoenix, AZ especially, been all over the news. newest problem is finding out the records veterans have been canceling appointments. problem is those vets are found out to be long dead. so how do the cancel app. ive been dealing with the VA in Prescott, havent had any problems with them yet. now the phyc. told me theres a blood pressure drug = prazosin, that helps with nightmares, problem is my Dr says it isnt that good of a blood pressure med, at least not as good as what im taking. just be glad when i hear that they acknowledge that indeed this is a problem.
  4. funny you should say that. same thing Prescott VA told my VA rep. if he has a CIB he doesnt need anything else.
  5. To get service connected you always need 3 things. all three ive gotten. the VA appointed Dr said i have chronic ptsd, no cure. and he documented the event, or events, that caused it. ill see. i just didnt care for his notes that i was beaten as a child. figure ill have to defend that, spanked isnt beaten, well by todays standards it would be, but not back in the 50's or 60's. again the military records not stating that i had any problems when i went in, well that seems self explanatory.
  6. he said they just want to talk to me, see if i can complete a full sentence. he told me id be surprised at some of the guys that come into his office. they cant completye a full sentence and loose there train of thought pretty easy. so no biggy.
  7. pretty much can guarantee there is no record of any prior mental disorder on any of my records, because i hadnt any.
  8. also, shouldnt i wait until they send me there findings stating whether, in there opinion, im competent or not. or should i bring a letter with me. they might think thats kind of strange seeing as they didnt really go into any detail about what the hearing was going to be about, other than it was a competency hearing.
  9. well then i guess they would have to show in there records that i had a mild disorder, right ? i got a copy of the DR report, said i had chronic PTSD. chronic ? doesnt sound to good.
  10. competency evaluation coming up the 30th of this month. only guessing what this is about. if there going to find in my favor then they want to make sure im competent in handling what ever money they give me.
  11. whooo just checked them out at costco, didnt realize you get 10 free batteries. how can you beat that. how about free batteries for life, thats how you beat it. hearing aids and teeth are the most over priced items out there. hey America, land of the buck. glad glasses arent jumping on the = stick it to them, band wagon.
  12. Costco Audio Tech, assured me that the $4K were much better than my VA Aids. geee cant think of why he would say that. should of punched him in the face. what a jerk. say anything to sell you something. its amazing how some people will say, and do, anything just to make a buck. the VA only supplies the best, why, because they have a blank check. oyu could search online about all brands of hearing aids and see reviews. just curious, what brand are the costco ones. maybe Phonak with different name on them.
  13. there Phonak Audeo Q90,custom molded ear piece. also had my choice of com pilot or pocket remote control. been about year and a half since i got mine. yep, lifetime warranty. and batteries for life. Phonak cover them for the first two years then the VA covers them for the next two, then new ones. sent one in couple months ago, stopped working, few weeks later a new one arrived with the spec sheet and already adjusted. also the com pilot is blu-tooth, can link them with my phone or any thing else that is blu-tooth, but have to wear the com pilot to use this feature. had the most extensive hearing test ive ever had at the VA. hey if your rich then go buy them, im not, and knew id need them some day. music sounds the same and now i can actually hear what there saying on tv. 52 in Flat Screen Sony TV, you get that with glasses, lol
  14. that make me feel better. yeah never thought of that. if i had any problems when i went in they would of noted it or exempt me form joining. no just good old 1960's spankings, you know = dont put your hands back there.
  15. i was simply told by a VA Dr that she could tell i was hard of hearing, asked if i wanted free hearing aids, sure, and that was it, they scheduled me a appointment at the VA hospital, they did a hearing test and asked what type i wanted, there $6000.00 hearing aids, come with a life time warranty and life time batteries, for free.
  16. started a ptsd claim a few weeks back, just saw the psychiatrist on the 3rd. said i had extreme ptsd but also pre-existing condition. because my step father use to spank me and my brother when we were small for being bad, he was only around for a year or two.waiting to get a copy of the paper work he filed but now i fear, because he mentioned it, that the majority of my problems are going to be contributed to my childhood. guess in that case any one with ptsd has pre-existing conditions. what a joke, guess i should of just lied. any one else come across this situation.
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