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  1. So..... I had a VA Dr.'s appointment last week and the doctor brought to my our attention that I have a heart condition. We are all stumped that it was not brought to my attention. The VA Dr. was skimming my med. records when he stumbled across a resident's notes. The notes were off an EKG reading[1] the Dr. said, "Well, it's the resident's fault for not notifying the Cardiology team... but the Cardiology team signed off on it." This data was collected February 2018... It is now February 2019. The Dr. that luckily saw the notes said, you need to get a CT-Scan ASAP. following day there wa
  2. Bring buddy statements and be straight up with them how it has effected your life and your family’s life. “Noli me Tangere”
  3. The DAV rep I was going through is not there anymore... I figured he was ignoring me. I am about to pull my POA and pass it to Nevada Department of Veteran Services. I received a call from Congressmen Amodei's office yesterday (08JUN16) and they are more than helpful, His staff is on point. She suggested I get in contact with NDVS. FYI, I received in the mail the decision last month. I will be appealing the effective date. To all that have commented, Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience via Hadit.com.
  4. I just checked eBenefits and it has me marked at 50% PTSD, my total Disability is 60% now. My battle buddies are telling me that I should be at least 70% also, the DAV rep said that I wouldn't have had a C&P exam if the VA originally verified the stressor (which as far as I understand), they never verified it, and I was denied; to which I appealed and it said stressor not verified. Since it is now verified, this time with a bunch of buddy statements, private practice counseling letter, and my medals with recommendations as proof, would my case be applicable for retroactive pay?
  5. I think you are fine. Someone (all of us really) have to keep them in check.
  6. Was your C&P Exam done at the VA? The out sourced examiner I had in 2005 totally low balled me like that. I am curious if you appealed this or not. Do not give up! That is the VA's modus operandi. They want you to give up. Hoping for the best for you.
  7. TG1979; I would start contacting those that were with you when deployed, ask for buddy statements. I know that the buddy statements from my unit helped validate my in-service connection.
  8. For clarification, I never commented that I had a PH. I didn't earn that medal, nor was I awarded it. I was not seeking a PH. I have PTSD. But that is frowned upon by my peers and chain of command. The attack on the pentagon 9/11 is a loophole. As far as I know, nobody from my unit received PH. The criteria for a CAR or CIB are not met in this scenerio. I am being diagnosed and treated for direct service connected PTSD from the attacks on the pentagon and the search and rescue induced PTSD. No PH was awarded.
  9. The DAV Rep said something like my original claim was closed because I didn't have a "verified stressor"? I think. I guess my question is, "If the claim was closed because it did not have a verified stressor, and the stressor is verified now, would that make a difference?" .
  10. Supporting documentation submitted/Uploaded to ebenefits; 1. Buddy Statements (10 from other soldiers including my higher NCO's at the time that were in the pentagon side by side) 2. Awards/medals/certificates (for proof I was in there (2 ARCOMS and an AAM, and a Operation Noble Eagle Certificate) 3. ROI (Release of information) from VA appt's in 2004-2006 where VA Psychiatrist and LCSW documented me as PTSD + prescribed medication for PTSD. 4. A years worth of bi weekly counseling with private doctor (2015-present) 5. Letters to 2 Congressmen and my Governor. I a
  11. I am still waiting on my C-File to be sent to me, I hear that this takes a long time to get.
  12. From my understanding, the examiner said that the reason it was denied was that I was misdiagnosed with OCPD, this examiner said that I do, and had PTSD, and that OCPD was secondary and was onset after the PTSD, that the OCPD was induced by the SC-PTSD. If I do have proof that I was asking about recieving help while I was in, but was denied due to wrong diagnosis (pointed out be VA), wouldn't that be CUE?
  13. Although the examiner said that my back pay would only go back to when this claim was reopened. I will have to talk to DAV about that.
  14. Here we go again... [8:00 Off to the VA] VA Examiner, "You have consistent unquestionable evidence in your claim. [2 hours later] I will be noting that you have with out doubt Service Connected PTSD." That went smoother that expected. We'll see what actually gets put on paper.
  15. I e-mailed my DAV representative yesterday. I have a C&P exam this Friday. I asked him if I should bring in my buddy statements, awards, Release of [medical] Information, my DD Form 2807-1 (which shows I asked the Regimental Medical Officer that I was seeking help/advice for reoccuring nightmares that stemmed from a military operation the pentagon 9/11). The Rep responded, "You do not want to submit anything at this time, getting the exam is a huge step, because if they did not verify your stressor they would not have requested the exam". My Question: So, should I not bring my me
  16. Interested in the outcome of this topic. It's been idle for 7ish years.
  17. C&P Exam this Friday. What should I bring? Should I bring copies of:

    1.Release of information from VA 2004-2006 (which has Psychiatrist: chronic PTSD, LCSW PTSD group notes, VA prescribed PTSD medication list).

    2.Buddy statements & lay statements.

    3. DD Form 2807-1 (evaluation prior to getting out of the army) as evidence I was seeking help for "nightmares stemming from operations at the Pentagon".

    4.Awards and certificates as proof I was at the pentagon 9/11 for search and rescue/recovery.

    5.Private counseling assessments and screenings.


    1. R762


      I don't want to bombard with the examiner, but I don't want to leave anything out.

    2. R762


      Turns out he had those on file... not sure if he had #3 "DD From 2807-1"


  18. I was denied PTSD in 2005. I was search and rescue 9/11-9/30(recovery), I was active duty Army. I had a similar experience with the VA back in 2005-2006 (Denied and appealed). I am reopening my claim since the nightmares and flashback haven't gone away. I have about 10 buddy statements from others in my company that were in there with me sifting through debris looking for survivors, only to find deceased and body matter strewn throughout the rubble. I have a C&P 22APR16. I have in my DD Form 2807-1 that I wanted to talk to somebody about nightmares and flashbacks. Yet, the VA still denied
  19. I did not find any denial or appeal letter from the VA in our files. The only in service records I have that shows I had concerns (while in service) was my exiting exam (ETS exam) 3 months before I got out of active duty. I went down to the Region VA Office, where I met with a VA rep. I was trying to see what the VA had on file for me for me C-file. I would think that this was on in their files somewhere. but, Murphy's Law, his computer station locked up. He took my Soc.Sec. No. and phone number and said he would call me back. I told him I have a document while in service dated 20040
  20. I have the PTSD exam on 22APR16, is there a way to direct message you? Thanks for the help you are giving all of us veterans.
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