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  1. skidmark


    Yeah I got 30 % appeal that took 5 years. I just got it in December 2016, didn't know about dependants until January 2017, I then put in for my wife of 12 years, and 3 adopted children of august 2016 . Thanks
  2. skidmark


    Do I receive back pay for dependants? And if so how far back they go?
  3. skidmark


    Do I receive back pay for dependants?
  4. skidmark


    Yes I sent them copy of all my dr visits and C scan I had along with my 3 days in the hospital from surgery I had in theatre. All those records , personal dr records and va records
  5. skidmark


    I heard from a few vets that if i'm already receiving 30% that my OSA with a CPAP machine is automatic 50%. Is this true?
  6. skidmark


    TY Hamslice
  7. skidmark


    I'm getting 30% . and I claimed anxiety as well with osa, and thanks chief
  8. skidmark


    vet OSA is not (50 percent or greater probability) related to in-service treatment, event, injury, accident? what does this mean?

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