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  1. broncovet Thanks again for your comments. I am sure most know that Aid and Attendance is not a claim, it is a( SMC ) Special Monthly Compensation. The hole process is different and yet the background of what you need and how important it is, can be the same as a claim. The Special Monthly Compensation, comes in when you are AWARDED YOU CLAIM. The Special Monthly Compensation process is what many may need to go through if they do not have a GOOD Primary care Doctor. Follow the advice and read them slowly, you do not want to toss your opportunity away. You may also have another disability
  2. broncovet Your comment is well taken. Normally in a question on medications causing such issues as not getting dressed with out help, normally is just stated as " Veteran is not able to dress them self due to Medications for PTSD which cases weakness and doggy effects. If the question ask for information about how long has this Medication caused the problem then it would be OK to state further statements. There is a point that must be thought of seriously. There must be no statements on an area that has already been granted such as my diabetic Nephropathy. I am already being paid for that
  3. I am on a high dose of Trazodone, for PTSD. Everything adds up to the reason I am not able to dressed myself or even shower myself. with my PTSD being such a hard area to deal with, each day is a challange.
  4. broncovet Rough statement to answer. Clinical, When my NP tried to fill out the form, her statements were not clinical. The questions she tried to answer were, in fact not even to the point of responding to the proper questions for my Disabiity. Wife and I always look things over like the Aid and Attendance form. If my NP will not sign my Aid and Attendance form I may see my outside Doctor and have him sign the Aid and Attendance form and fax it in.
  5. The point you bring up on the " Unable to dress self without help " this is an area that is over looked. "Why is a veteran unable to dress himself" ? Very good question but if there is no real answer to the question then the decision rater may just overlook the question. I look at the question like " Unable to dress self without help" DUE TO MEDICATIONS for PTSD CAUSING WEAKNESS, ETC " Thanks for your reply.
  6. New to Hadit Forums Just a short topic on one of the widely talked about topics. Aid and Attendance and SMC, Special Monthly Compensation. I am at the point now of submitting my 2nd Aid and Attendance. My claim is approved for the loss of both lower extremities, with one SMC L award. Everyone knows the CFR, that leads us to the SMC levels, but here I want to say what happened to me. My Primary care Doctor Retired and at that time my Aid and Attendance was filled out for my darn Diabetes which ended up in a mess. My new Primary care Nurse Practitioner has no idea on how to fill out the f
  7. Mrstephens 11 The first part of your question was stated as, should I hit the button that says "Make decision now" Caution on this part. if you click on that button, "make decision now", it means that all the information you, or your VSO have submitted is all they " the rating board may need, even if they have the records you need in your C file someplace. Files and specific records seem to become lost or overlooked. If you communicate with your service officer, he or she can scan the documents you are concerned about to the VA You could also scan the documents, files in yourself thr
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