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  1. Buck52, The 20 years I served went by in a flash. It was an honor to serve, but without people like you before me, I might have never gotten that chance!! UPDATE : I was able to view the letter generator........... this is what the Benefit Summary Letter says: Military Information Your most recent, verified periods of service (up to three) include: Recent periods of military service Branch of Service Character of Service Entered Active Duty Released/Discharged: Navy / Honorable / October 03, 1996 - October 31, 2016 VA Benefit Information You have one or more service-connected disabilities: Yes Your combined service-connected evaluation is: 100% Your current monthly award amount is: $XXXX.XX (It has a number there, I just X'd it out) The effective date of the last change to your current award was: February 01, 2018 You are considered to be totally and permanently disabled due solely to your service-connected disabilities: Yes So I guess they wouldn't allow me to generate a letter unless it was finalized????
  2. Reading online for CRDP: https://themilitarywallet.com/va-disability-compensation-affects-military-retirement-pay/ Concurrent Receipt Laws: Up until 2004, the law prevented military retirees from receiving part or all of their military pay if they also received disability compensation from the VA. Military members had to choose which payment they wanted to receive: military retirement pay, or VA disability compensation. If they chose to receive both forms of payment, they had to offset, or waive, a portion of their military retirement pay equal to the amount they received from the VA. Basically, it prevents servicemembers from double-dipping and receiving compensation from both the VA and the military. In 2004, the law was changed, and military retirees were eligible to receive both military retirement pay and VA disability compensation, but only if they had a VA service-connected disability rating of 50% or higher. VA disability rating of 50% or greater. Military retirees with a disability rating of greater than 50% are eligible to receive both payments under CRDP. They will receive their full military retirement pension, along with 100% of their VA disability compensation. They do not need to offset their military pay by the amount of the compensation they receive from the VA. But who knows.......I can't count those chickens till they hatch!!
  3. Buck52, Any opinion that you have is better than the guess that I would make!! I am pretty sure that the pending disabilities are just a copy of my "rated" disabilities, So since I might have nothing over 50% I would not qualify for SMC? I am not looking to rock the boat and if continues through at 100%, I will be content. Would it be safe to assume that they would start the DFAS paperwork as CRDP since I am active duty retired w/ 100% SC disabilities.......even though there is one Claim that is deferred? Does it matter what SC percentage they put on it since it won't affect my overall combined rating anyways? I think I have jumped down the rabbit hole!! It's waaaaayyy to early for that....I'm only 39!!! I thank all of you for helping newbies like me!!! You have no idea the comfort you guys can make a person feel from just responding to a post!!!! I hope to help others like this in the future!!
  4. Thanks for the responses Berta and LanceJoseph!! I had to do some "look-ups" to see what the acronyms meant. I assume that I would qualify for CRDP since I completed 20 years of active duty and currently receive a retirement check every month. After some digging, I think I need greater than 50% combined to receive both retirement and disability pay. Since Ebenefits currently says 100% combined, I assume that is the case. I do not think I qualify for any SMC (I think it was the special lettering) since I donot have a loss of anything? I guess it would help to list what the rated disabilities are: bilateral ingrown toenails Not Service Connected Hypertension 0% Service Connected 11/01/2016 Degenerative joint disease left knee 10% Service Connected 11/01/2016 stable angina 10% Service Connected 11/01/2016 Bone spur C5 claimed as cervical, numb mid back area thoracic back pain and problems, limited motion, pain on motion and weakness 10% Service Connected 11/01/2016 Cervical radiculopathy left upper extremity also claimed as numbness both arms and hands Not Service Connected Cervical radiculopathy right upper extremity also claimed as numbness both arms and hand Not Service Connected keratoconus with vision dysfunction 0% Service Connected 11/01/2016 Obstructive Sleep Apnea, (OSA) with Bruxism 50% Service Connected 11/01/2016 Major Depressive Disorder claimed as depression 50% Service Connected 11/01/2016 Degenerative joint disease right knee 10% Service Connected 11/01/2016 hyperlipidemia Not Service Connected sinusitis, acute Not Service Connected Deviated septum with septoplasty surgery with reduced air flow Not Service Connected Anxiety Disorder, also claimed as anxiety stress issues with memory concentration problems Not Service Connected Scars, anterior and posterior truck due to acne and mole removal 0% Service Connected 11/01/2016 Hearing Loss bilateral 30% Service Connected 11/01/2016 Tinnitus claimed as high pitched ringing noise 10% Service Connected 11/01/2016 Degenerative arthritis, Intervertebral Disc Syndrome, claimed as back pain and thoracic lumbar spine and back pain limited motion, pain on motion and weakness 20% Service Connected 11/01/2016 superficial peroneal nerve radiculopathy, left lower extremity 0% Service Connected 11/01/2016 superficial peroneal nerve radiculopathy, right lower extremity 0% Service Connected 11/01/2016 trigger finger right, tenosynovitis thumb right and tenosynovitis index finger right Deferred gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) 10% Service Connected 11/01/2016 left knee instability 20% Service Connected 11/01/2016 hemorrhoids 10% Service Connected 11/01/2016 Acne face and neck 0% Service Connected 11/01/2016
  5. ***EDITED TO ADD RATED DISABILITIES****** I hadn't checked Ebenefits in a while because I became frustrated with the change in open claim status from gathering evidence to awaiting documents are past due. I asked my VSO if there was anything I needed to do and he said that it wasn't at our end, but between C&P and VA. All medical records were uploaded by VSO and intent to file was sent within 12 months of retirement (20 years in Navy), so any backpay would be retro to NOV 2016. So I clicked on the Disabilities TAB, and to my surprise is says, "You have a 100% final degree of disability". -All of my rated disabilities had effective dates of 11/01/2016 (except the Not Service Connected). One had been deferred.........."trigger finger right, tenosynovitis thumb right and tenosynovitis index finger right" Before I update my profile on Hadit: - Since there are effective dates, do I assume this will be my final rating? - Since my claim is still open and gathering evidence (I assume from the one deferment) will this delay the closing of the claim? - If the deferred item does not effect the overall total disability (don't think there is higher than 100%) would that delay payment or backpay? - Should I expect payments anytime soon or not expect anything till the deferred item is complete? Is backpay and disability withheld or initialized now since it is at 100%? I guess I am just looking for a timeline....something like, "Matt, don't even look at that anymore. You have like 2 years before anything hits your account." or "Yup, you should be seeing a payment by next month and backpay two weeks after that!!" (I like that one better!!) I think it is worse now that I looked at the damn disabilities tab.........I feel like I am assuming too much and am gonna be one of those Vets that stare at my email waiting for the "deposit posted" email. Here is a screenshot of what is listed on Ebenefits: Thanks to all that respond and to all that are on here helping. I hope my post helps others find answers as well
  6. Tbird, As the founder of this website, I salute you (even though you were enlisted). I have been able to find out more in the last hour on your website alone than my own searches or TAPP class in the past year. I cant imagine how many vets have been helped by this website!! Thank-you for what you have created!
  7. Retired from the Naval Submarine service after 20 years on 31OCT16. After 8 months of working with a VSO that had too many other things to worry about, I switched to another one who was able to submit my intent to file within the year period to be eligible for retro pay. My C&P exams were completed last month and I got the "Development letter sent" on the Claims portion of Ebenefits. Looking back, I wish that I would have found this Hadit website and forum before I had separated. So much useful info and ability to network. BZ to whoever created it and I love how your rank increases (By NAVY Enlisted ranks) when you post more often. Thank-you all for your dedicated service!!
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