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  1. Anyone out there with a hearing loss for Air Force helicopter mechanic? Especially MOS A4:3150. (H21) As usual the VA, stated the this Vet has hearing loss, but they denied as not service related. Majority of time served was in Tripolli. Any assistance would be Greatly appreiciated.
  2. If a Veteran is on TDIU, can he still apply for Voc Rehab?
  3. Folks, the VA, has a cutoff date of Aug 31, 1971, to a claim for Agent Orange, for service member stationed in Korea. What about the SM, who were stationed in the DMZ, after that date? Did the AO, just disappear after that date.? Working with a Vet, who filed for AO, from service in Korea, who has blood issues. Any suggestions?
  4. Am helping a vet., with throat issue(s). Been having problems with his voice. He has severe damage to his voice box, and is receiving injections. Recently had throat surgery at a VA facility, but to no avail. We have applied for Disability, but as usual been denied. Am wondering if any out there has had similar problems, and if any has been approved for Disability, on this. His Primary has stated that (probably) it might have been started while in service. Vet, was in the Navy, and worked the flight line. 1. What issues was applied for. (technical name) Thanks
  5. I to have had a reduction. Went for a C&P, and came out with a reduction on something entirely different, on a different part of my body. I wrote to the Regional office (San Diego), and asked how this could be, and explain the situation. My question to them was, it took 2 1/2 year to finally get a Disability Rating, and 15 min, to get a denial, and to top it off a reduction on another Disability. The Dr. stood in the corner and had me sit down and he asked questions, sorry, he touch my left foot with a pin for I guess a Diabetes test. Surprisingly the Regional office replied less than
  6. Does anyone out there know of the Section within Title 38, which states that the VA, has to give you a C&P exam prior to lowering a Disability Rating? I went in for a C&P for A&A, they denied it, put in the process lowered some other Disability Rating, that had nothing to do with what I went for in the first place. I've been trying to find that section regarding lowering a present Disability without an exam. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Folks, I have 100% IU. Recently, I applied for Aid and Attendance. I went and had an exam, lasted 15 min. The Dr. never checked me physically. Naturally, it was denied, but also the prior Disability has been downgraded. I was a natural 90%. Was wondering since I was awarded 100%, IU, with P&T, will I still be at 100% IU? I recently had an appt. at the VA hospital, and my Dr. stated that I still have the original condition. I checked my eBenefit, but everything is blank. I'm wondering if I wake up if it would all change. I'm wondering if I have a fight coming up.
  8. The paper was for AWOL. Exact number unsure. The Veteran, did have time served in Nam, but his AWOL, was stateside. Cumlitive was just north of 180 days. His awards include NDSM, and Viet Service with 2 Bronse Stars. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. I'm presently working with a Vietman Veteran, who has a "under conditions other than honorable". He has been receiving medical care from a VA Healthcare Facility. When we tried to apply for Disability Benefits, he was denied. During our search, we discovered that he has receive a "Pardon", from President Ford. However, the VA, is refusing to honor this Pardon, and is refusing any Disability Rating. We have appealed and they want him to come to WA., for a furture appeal. We applied and asked for a teleconference appeal, and was granted. We are waiting for a date/time. Just wondering
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