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  1. I have been evaluated at the Dental Clinic and seems that I am going to be approved for dental implants. I will bring this forum updates as I process through the system. Thank you all for your added comments and statements.
  2. I am a 100% veteran who had dental work done when I returned from Viet Nam and after discharge. I was provided with crowns and bridges by a private dentist over 30 years ago. The work now has deteriorated to a point in which I need new teeth. I am under the understanding that VA will try to get me to settle for Dentures. I read somewhere however if I push them hard enough I may be approved for implants. I will be going to the clinic in San Antonio TX. Does anyone know of the implants being approved?
  3. Not possible to contact rater when you recieve the packet you have the right to appeal decision do so and state your reasoning on the appeal. You will still receive the disability you are rated for and the VA Will review your appeal. (well they state they will review and usually do)
  4. Good for you keep on plugging I am glad you won your first but make sure you follow-up on all claims
  5. Thank you all for your responses. Your encouragement and comments were greatly appreciated and in most cases followed to the best I could. I also thank a good examiner on my C&P exam who asked all the right questions. I think I can finally take my wife out for a good dinner after a long wait...
  6. I received my rating over the weekend.The letter says Unemployable and 100% total and permanent. It did not mention anything of future examinations. Will I get future exams? It also gave me dependent education and champ-va indicated. Do I go ahead and let my daughter attend college which she planned on attending in January 2008?
  7. Thank you for your assistance. Knowing the Government I refused to give the MD my medicare card also. I kniow that if the I pay the doctor in any way I will never get re-imbursed. I do not have a referral letter as this is for testing the doctor is supposed to be a contract doctor but the attitude did not seem like it was contract to me.
  8. I was sent to a local private medical doctor for a colonoscopy today. I had the pre-procedure Q & A today. At this time I was told by the Secretary there that I would have to give them my insurance card for private coverage. I have none. I was then told that I would have to pay out of pocket if the VA does not pay in a timely manner. Is this true? if so what is a timely maner? I refused to sign the fiscal responsibility form and gave them my VA Service Connected card. Any Ideas for my follow-up
  9. I was on Metformin for over 18 months during this time frame my dose went from 500 Mg a day to 1000 Mg 2 times a day. I got severe diarreah from this medication. The problem became worse over time although it did help me with lower glucose readings. I fanally had to stop the metformin when the severe diarreah caused me blood in my stool and severe stomach cramping. I am now on NPS Insulin with no problems.
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