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  1. I would like to thanks everyone on this website for all your help over the years. I have only posted a few times mostly because most days I don't think right. Now I hope my problems are over and I can try to get my life back. It would not have been possible if it there was no Hadit website. You guys are the best 100% scheduler P&T with CH 35 benefits for the family
  2. Berta, Thanks for the info I my need him for cue or SSI
  3. Thanks Pete if it was not for you guys it would never have happened I can not say enough good things about you guys
  4. I just got a call from the DAV(that don't happen often) I have been approved for sleep apnea as secondary to SC Conditions(not sure which ones yet will let all know once I get the letter. Would like to thank the whole board again for all your help I would be lost with out you guys
  5. I posted about this before but after talking to my DAV agent I just want to make sure I understand the dam CFR. I am getting a temp 100% for hip replacement and also have about 75% in other disabilities none of them are for blindness or loss of food or anything else. The way I read the CFR anyone with 100% and other disabilities totaling 60% or more automaticlly qualifies for SMC-S. I argued with the DAV for 15 minutes and she still said I have to be blind or missing a foot leg or something else. She sounded like she new what she was talking about. Now I wonder if I got it wrong or misunderstood the answers I got from this website. Sorry but I can not think too well sometimes. I hope one of the experts here can let me know if she is correct or am I Thanks :)
  6. Big Papa Thanks for the cfr info it will come in handy in case the VA forgets to give me the S
  7. Pete, I hope you win and get what they owe you. there are too many of us that get screwed
  8. can a veteran with 100% for one disability and a combination of 70% for a few other disabilities get SMC-S. Are there any other requirements or is it automatic? Thanks
  9. I was in Le Jeune in 1967 and 1968. I got a letter from a law firm about the water. I was going to fill it out and send it back until I took a look at the terms. It said I would be responsible for any associated cost if they lost so I through it out. Maybe I read it wrong but why take a chance
  10. Hoppy, Thanks for the response. My first problem documented in the service was in ITR (pneumonia) 1964 and there were a few problems every year I was in the service I would assume that would make it chronic. But what gets me is the flat out lied on my decision stating there were no lung problems when if fact this year the said there was on my exit exam. My so said it will be a thought one to win but I have been told that before and proved them wrong I hope I can do it again. I guess they realy do lie Thanks again
  11. I was just awarded 30% for Asthma (COPD) in the decision it states “Service Medical Records from September 1, 1964 through September 6, 1968, note multiple treatment entries for recurrent respiratory infections with scattered inspiratory wheezes of the lungs noted on discharge examination dated September 3, 1968.I had a C&P this time that showed I should be rated at 30% for Asthma I filed a claim in 9/18/1969 for a chest condition and it was denied reason stated ”not shown on last examination”. No C&P exam was ordered for this decision. I never appealed this decision as I felt if it was not shown on my exit exam I could not win I have had problems from the day I left the service with my breathing but can not remember all the different doctors I have been treated by (never thought I would need there records). I have been treated at the VA many years ago for breathing problem. This misstatement (exact wording from the dicisions) has really screwed me. If I knew then what I have learned form this board I would have corrected this problem 40 years ago. Could this be considered a clear and unmistakable error case for earlier effective date or do I just get screwed out of 40 years of compensation? anything I can DO Sorry for the long post
  12. Hi Windy, I had my Hip replaced and my Doctor (not from the VA) sent me to PT. PT gave me a home program to do for my new hip along with seeing them 2-3 times a week. I am doing the exercises at home 3-4 times a day. Bob
  13. Checking in from Boston Only a week before I get me new Hip maybe I will be able to walk right ;)
  14. Thanks Rick, now I have to figure if its worth it to NOD it. They said it was not from the service but thats not what I put in for. I put in for secondary service connection with a not to good acnexis letter from my doctor.
  15. I have a 30% SC rating for Asthma. I filed a claim for sleep apnea will they just give me 50% for apnea and 0 for Asthma as they are both one system or will they add them together??
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