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  1. I'm still waiting on the envelope from my RO and Ebenefits / Vets.gov has yet to update my letters. I called Washington and they state it's all there for the RO to review... Hopefully sometime this week.
  2. So I got the brown envelope today and called Washington to confirm what the judge had stated.... The letter in the envelope was not straight forward as to P and T but Washington reports I do have P and T and I'm eligible for all 100% rated benefits!!! After 6 years of stress and worry this is finally nearing an end. Ebenefits and Va.Gov have not updated and the retro has not hit my account yet but still such a sigh of relief!! Thank you to all of you for your input to my questions recently
  3. Yes Broncovet, that's one thing I have definitely learned through all of this... Ebenefits and Va.Gov are as clueless as I am to what is going on. Thank you for the reply and now to start waiting on the envelope
  4. Hello... THis is only my second post here but I visit often when I have questions to read others experiences. Today I have a question... After 5 years and 11 months, VA.Gov reads that my appeal for IU was granted. My question is about T and P though. I have been rated at 90% since May 2013. I filed an appeal for IU and that is what the decision has been made on. However, during the hearing the judge and my representative seemed to be leading toward a T and P claim. I have seen where the veteran will file for an IU claim and when the decision comes it states IS TOTAL AND PERMANANT. I am unable to see anything of Ebenefits or VA>Gov right now, says its all being updated. My VA.Gov states GRANTED 100% Rating for Individual Unemployability Is it possible to be granted T and P when you did not originally file for that and it was not part of your appeal?? Thank you to all of you
  5. Broncovet... I don't talk about it and don't want to talk about it... It is unknown to me if it was reported or not the next day, I was severely injured and flown out and never saw the desert again. I have given them the stressor and I can only hope now that after reading my records and having my primary VA provider state that my PTSD is " more likely than not " related to my military service, rule in my favor. Thank you for the input.
  6. That's how I see it also broncovet. But the VA judge that day was very specific that the Nexus statement was the only thing missing on the PTSD claim. They have put the appeal on hold and given me 60 days to return the letter to them.
  7. That's what I'm thinking also vetquest.... Then it's back to the drawing board. Thanks for the reply!
  8. Hi, I'm new here. I just completed my VA appeal in front of the law judge last week. I'm 90% on a service connected back injury, trying to get IU and a new rating for PTSD. The judge seemed to be satisfied with the new evidence on my back injury, but she requested a Nexus letter for the PTSD. Unfortunately my VA psychiatrist left in 2017 so I have an appointment to meet with my VA primary care MD this coming week to see if he will give me at least a Nexus statement stating " more likely than not " that my PTSD is due to my combat history. With so much emphasis being put on this Nexus statement, I also had my neurosurgeon add to his last supporting letter for my appeal the statement " more likely than not " that my chronic spine condition is related to my service connected injury to better my chances on IU. My question is this... Since I have only a statement and not the Nexus letter format, will this still be acceptable with the VA law judge?? Thanks for any thoughts... TMannfish
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