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  1. Thanks for everyones insights! I was able to review the primary care providers notes and while nothing was inaccurate its wasn't quite as substantive as it should have been. I drafted up some notes to update my Problem Lists, Notes, Medications, & Assessment & Plan that covers all conditions I am being treated for. On a final note I am rated 0% for Migraines although its service connected and been being treated for about 5 years with 4-5 episodes a week. Didn't realize I met parameters of CFR as everyone has pointed out for this. Should I get my VA Primary Care Doctor( Been my doc for 5 years) to fill out a Migraine DBQ for me or would I be better off to bring my records to a private doc and try to get a Neurologist to fill one out for me after I provide records and my log? Thanks for any additional insight and have a great night!
  2. Bron, Thanks for the insight. On my end I can certainly say none of the conditions improved and many have gotten worse. Im working a Neuro/Psych consult for the Migraines and Anxiety classifications. I suppose Im asking an overly simplistic insight as to what would inprovement be. Would be only staying on prescribed medicine and going to routine visits be considered Improved? I suppose that subjective. For instance when I had my scope procedure and was awarded 60% for gastro does that remain sufficient or do I need annual or periodic new dbq’s submitted once the connection has already been made? Im unsure of if all are considered temporary or not only my back has a “may be reviewed note” in its write up where other conditions do not say this. Also all conditions have been service connected in 2014 so technically my 5 year review will be happening at beginning of year 6. Thanks for any additional insight
  3. Hello, I have a question about the first 5 year review of C&P Exams. I have 7 conditions that are rated Lumbar Spine 40%, Insomnia/Anxiety Disorder 10%, Migraines 0%, Ankle 10%, Bilateral Pea Plants 30%, Tinnitus 10% & Gastro 60% for a combine rating of 90%. My gastro was a reconsideration with surgical scope and biopsies and private dbq was accepted. All other ailments were from initial ETS physical and 1st C&P Exam. I currently use the VA for primary medical care and have all my medications prescribed through them. My question is the 5 year review for each and every ailment or is the VA going to let me know what is under reconsideration? Only 1 condition Back states at the bottom of the write up "Since there is a likelihood of improvement, the assigned evaluation is not considered permanent and is subject to a future review". The majority of my conditions are basically treated with a regiment of medication I get from the VA and the standard 6-9 month checkups barring any acute instances. The VA Health care is great but the administrative side of consistently proving or re-justifying ones ailments is mentally stressful. I guess I just don't know what the threshold of acceptable is like is there a certain amount of appointments I need or checkups with specialists other than just continuing my regiment of medications and VA checkups like I have been. Thanks for any potential insights and have a great day! ArmyVet
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