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  1. Thanks brothers, that helped some of my thought process on issues of disability ion my feet. My next question is this? Since the Army has shown a condition permanently aggravated by service, why didn't they notify me of it then and my options? They completely skipped that part when I separated, and why after so many years of fighting the VA, who allegedly has access to my military records, made me fight for that particular disability benefit when I claimed it? Should I try to appeal that overlooked aspect of my disability from the Army. I was just curious if any one else had a similar situation? and is it worth attempting to recoup benefits from the Army and VA, back to that time of my Army separation in 92? I think I have exhausted all disabilities, after my discharge from the Marine Corps in 72 . They completely deny my claims of TOXIC exposure first at Camp LeJeune and then Fort McClellan, so I'm trying for secondary claims. Any help is greatly appreciate, thanks again. Sorry if it sounds like whining, I am try to avoid ambulance chasers on my claims.
  2. Hello Brother & Sister Veterans. I have a question that has caused me some concern, every since I finally received all my medical records from the NPRC, addressing when I separated from the Military in 1992. I was directed by an MNRB TO MEB. Diagnosis was :Symptomatic pes planus , condition EPTS , the Doc stated" Due to the pain in both feet, the patient is unable to run, participate in physical training, or stand in formation, and is unable to perform in MOS, in spite of permanent profile given in 1990:. The MEBD form states" permanently aggravated by service." Question is this, if that condition existed, and the documents support a permanently aggravated by service" condition/disability, should my discharged have been a medical? Btw, I just signed and sent off a 20-0995, the claim was closed, but I received additional medical records from being stationed AT SHAPE & EUCOM, Not going to complain, just thankful it came in. Still need an answer for the above question., Thanks Thanks in advance for any insight and recourse. I am a a disabled Vet, served both USMC and USARMY.
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