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  1. I agree... don't get upset, just go. I had similar entries on my pages after I filed for TDIU... and... the exams they set me up for did and didn't make sense. I had knee exams (rated at the time @ 10%), these didn't make sense to me since they were so small a %, and Depression (rated at the time for 50%)... this made sense because it was one of the higher % SC's. When my approval for TDIU came, my knees were each increased to 40% (flexion) and my depression was at 70%. All raised... Which brought an interesting situation... TDIU was specifically approved in the letter, and, using VA math I was also now at 96% rounded up to 100% scheduler... I was intending to go back for an increase for my knees after the TDIU decision since they had been getting worse and worse, but by scheduling me for the C&P, the RO helped me out... This experience seems to be unique, but it does happen...
  2. I have had court appointed custody of my granddaughter since 2010. Her mother is deceased, her father is estranged and in another state. He has resisted us adopting her in the past.I currently have an adoption lawyer and we will be filing with the court soon. However, the adoption would not be finalized (Virginia) until after she has turned 18 in March of this year.My primary question is: Is there a rule/law/policy that will keep her from qualifying for Chapter 35 because of the date of the adoption? As I said, I have had court ordered custody since 2010. BTW, I am 100% P&T with a biological son receiving benefits.Any help would be appreciated!!ThanksDDS
  3. I haven't lost interest!! Just absorbing the info... I actually submitted the Glaucoma claim this week... we will see how it goes... Thanks to all!! I am new to posting here so if I broke some etiquette, apologies!!
  4. I am rated at 70/50/40/40/10 (100%) scheduler AND 100% IU. My letter says P&T. My concern is that I have some issues that were dropped by the VA (specifically glaucoma) when they approved my 100%. As a note, I was 50/50/10/10/10 prior to C&P's that qualified me for the current ratings. I had submitted glaucoma with the UI and increase claim, and the glaucoma shows up as claimed but not service connected. I am trying to understand if I should push this to be SC? I am getting great care from the VA for my eyes, and I have to say, everything else. My concern is that I will eventually go blind and there may need to be modifications done to my home for mobility reasons. I would think the Glaucoma would need to be SC for those grants to have any chance for approval? My service health records has a lot about my eyes (I was ATC), and specifically says asymptomatic for glaucoma. I would have a good shot. My other concerns is that if I don't make it to the 10 years P&T, my wife won't rate DIC. (No jokes!! ). I have a couple other potential SC's that would meet the requirements, but I haven't submitted them yet since I am 100% Can I submit additional disabilities to be SC'd and not shake loose the hounds of H@%#ll? Thanks in advance!! My journey took a short (by comparison) 4 years from first submission to 100% P&T... It was in my HR, just needed to be brought out, highlighted and presented... It took a good lawyer, a few dark alleys with counterfeit scammers just trying to make a buck off us and not doing anything in return... and realizing that for the VBA it's not personal... they are just pushing paper...
  5. So, I finally got the official letter. And with the exception of not mentioning P&T it says that I have a combined rating of 100% (as stated in original post(70/50/40/40/10))... AND that I am considered IU. The VA.gov letter is the same as before. So, my question... does this mean that if I get some awesome gig that pays well and doesn't cause problems with my disabilities, or rather, my disabilities don't cause problems, can I still grab an occasional gig? I have done some high paying advisory roles in the past and they can usually be done on my terms. I probably won't find one, but am wondering just in case... Thanks!!
  6. I just saw on VA.Gov today that my IU claim has been approved!! It seems that I have 100% Scheduler & IU? Checked the letters and they say this: VA Benefit Information You have one or more service-connected disabilities: YES Your Combined service-connection evaluation is: 100% Your current monthly award is: $3321.85 You are being paid at the 100 percent rate because you are unemployable due to your service-connected disabilities: Yes You are considered totally and permanently disabled due solely to your service-connected disabilities: Yes And they got the effective date correct too! I looked at my disabilities and they are now different: Depressive disorder is now 70% up from 50% Knees are now @ 40% each due to flexion, up from 10% for pain. OSA stayed at 50% I had C&P's for all of these and they have gotten worse over the years so increased %'s are possible... So, my question, Am I both? If scheduler why would they give IU? Is there a difference in benefits? The P&T is awesome, and I certainly am not complaining, just a little confused. Thanks!!
  7. I am very confused by what I am seeing on va.gov. Has anyone seen these kinds of things happen and what were the outcomes? or your best guess? Sequence of events: Mar 2021 - Submitted IU package with Vocational Assessment etc. Mar 2021 - Submitted FDC for Migraines Mar 2021 - VA Accepted claims and combined them. "closed" migraine claim. April-May - C&P exams (None for Migraines) Today - See Migraine Claim opened with yesterdays date for last updated / IU closed with date one day after submitted. No other updates in ratings or letters. Thoughts: (1) Could be the system is just catching up and I still have a shot at IU, but why would they now de-couple the migraine claim. My original thought was they combined the two because the migraine claim would be moot if IU was approved. or.. (2) They have denied the IU and have went back to processing the migraine claim? Also, will VA still process new claims/increases when U have IU? Thanks!!
  8. I submitted for IU (50%+50%+10%+10%+10%=80%) a couple months ago. Going through the process, just finished C&P exams. Just after submitting the TDIU claim I submitted a new claim for service connection for Migraines. This claim was closed immediately by the VA and now the documents appear in the "IU" claim. Q1: Does this mean they are not going to process the Migraine claim? I did not have a C&P for migraines, just for those major contributors to the IU claim. Q2: IF (a big word) I do get IU, can I still submit/resubmit for migraines and one other diagnosis I just got that can b service connected very easily? I am shooting for IU because I cant work, however, would prefer 100% scheduler for security and maybe pick up a few bucks (more than the poverty level) doing temp gigs in IT. Thanks!!
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