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  1. Thanks Keith...although I've been using VA for my own issues, my wife's primary care is through Tricare so we don't want to lose our eligibility. Just a bit confused on what you said as far as paying Tricare premium which was cut in half (though you say I don't have to pay Tricare premiums). So are you still paying reduced Tricare premiums plus the monthly Medicare Pt B premium? Currently my Tricare Prime coverage covers myself and my wife, no kids.
  2. I'm a 58 yr old Air Force vet and I just recently got my SSDI approved which made me Medicare eligible. Me and my wife's health insurance is through Tricare Prime. Tricare rules say that I lose my Tricare eligibility if I decline Medicare Part B. Does this mean I have to pay both my Tricare premium and Medicare Part B premium to keep my Tricare insurance?
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