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  1. 3 years ago I submitted a claim for Hypertension when I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer . I was denied for hypertension as being caused by the Agent orange ,but successful for the cancer. 1 Year ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes and put a claim in for Diabetes and Hypertension secondary to the Diabetes . I was again denied for the Hypertension and successful for the Diabetes . Is a successful claim out of the picture now ? Will my wife get anything if they add Hypertension to the list after I am gone ? Its looking bleak !!!
  2. IM IN THE SAME BOAT. I was diagnosed with HYPERTENSION BEFORE diabetes was turned down . then a year later had to increase meds so put claim in for Hypertension and was turned down again . Now We Wait or file an appeal ?
  3. Im not sure if I am rated correctly or not for feet. These are my sympthons 1 . Foot pain burning throbbing both feet 2. leg pain both legs below the knee 3.left foot tends to drag sometimes causing me to almost stumble 4.have a hard time navigating on uneven ground 5.balance is not what it use to be (I use to walk on rocks along the cape cod canal to fish , now I have a problem fishing there at all. 6.pain from left knee , up the back of leg and thigh to lowerback 7.sometimes have tingling in fingers left hand and numbness sometimes 8.strength of left hand not what it use to be 9.
  4. Yeah I got that !!! one foot is worse than other and left leg numb to waist . I notice I walk differently now almost like stumbling sometimes . I have a hard time navigating on uneven ground now . THANK YOU AO . Sometimes have stabbing pain in toes when not even wearing footware.
  5. LOL I'm not worried about the Jarheads . Whenever they give me a hard time I tell them to look at their old paychecks that say "DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY" lmao . :)
  6. Does the same apply to my feet ? I know eventually they will get worse .From what I understand the Gabepentin only works for a time , then after all the dosage increases ,it stops working . I really appreciate your expertise I am still new at this. My first rating was about 4 years ago with the Prostate Cancer . Was told about AO and effects by an online friend I was playing cribbage with ,after my operation .
  7. My Prostate Cancer got the ED before Diabetes had a chance :) They gave me that. TY If I submit a claim for the Hands and they find they are not severely affected yet to give a rating.Will that cause me to not be able to claim it if it worsens? Like I said they are only numb and tingling sometimes .They seem normal more with the exception of the left hand not being able to grip like it use to .
  8. I am a Vietnam veteran brown water navy in the Delta of Vietnam. I have Type 2 Diabetes and orignally they assigned 10% each for left and right foot and 10% for each Upper legfor Neuropathy Being caused by the Diabetes. I have no Idea why they would say its not service related now !!! My SO told me where my Total rating had been raised he figured I would be happy with that . :) I just want whats coming to me , I don't think he understands.
  9. I am a Vietnam Veteran 1967-1968. I served with the Mobile Riverine Force TF 117 in the Mekong Delta ,serving in conjunction with the 9th Infantry Division . I am Disabled have type 2 Diabetes , Neuropathy , tinnitis , and have had prostate Cancer . I also have Hypertension which the VA will not recognise . I live in massachusetts . I am glad I found this group as there is a wealth of information here . I want to thank all of you for your service and to all Vietnam Veterans "WELCOME HOME" .
  10. Well I talked to my SO he said my codes were 8699 and 8620 for feet . No mention of 8520 or 8521 . He also stated they said the numbness in my leg is not service connected :) The numbness started when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes , along with all the other pains .
  11. Thank you for your insight , I will get hold of my SO and ask him . Will keep you updated .
  12. Somehow I have the feeling my SO is going to flip . I asked him why they did away with it and got the answer "thats what they decided" with no explaination.... I am on 1200 MG of gabupentin and it has helped but know that its only temporary .I dont have the strength in my left hand like I use to . If they rule in my favor do you think they will assign disability for sciatic nerve instead of peroneal nerve damage ? I take it its different?
  13. I have numbness and tingling at times in left hand and the left leg is numb to the hip , maybe a little in left leg but definitely not as bad as the left. I had an Electromyography test about 3 months ago and dr said I had moderate neuropathy in feet . and noted some in upper but not as bad .
  14. I had been rated at 10% for left foot 10% for right foot 10% for upper left leg and 10% for upper right leg. I had the required exam that found my neuropathy had worsened . The VA changed my Rating to 20% for left foot and 20 % for right foot, however there is now no rating for left and right upper. IS THIS STANDARD ROUTINE OF THEM ? WHAT SHOULD I DO ?
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