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  1. A friend is receiving $3,000+ for being rated 100% P & T. He is married but maybe looking at divorce in the future. Will his wife receive half of his $3,000+ in the event they are divorced? Thanks
  2. I am 100% P & T and need to have an implant which I figure would cost me $3,000 to $4,000. Right now I have private coverage which basically pays zero so I was thinking of going the VA route. Who do I need to contact to start the process of seeing a VA dentist? Also do they generally have dentists at the VA hospital or do they have outside dentists contracted to do the VA dental work? Answers to these questions and any other information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Just wondering if anyone knows how far back the VA started accepting "buddy" and "spousal" letters for PTSD claims? Also do they currently carry any weight in determining the rating for a claim? Thanks
  4. I have been rated 100% Total for PTSD for the last five years and submitted a claim for P & T in July 2013. I received my rating decision recently and I am not 100% sure that I received P & T but am leaning towards thinking I am. The decision does not come out and specifically say that I have P & T but doesn't mention anything about future exam's either. Also the decision says I have basic eligibility to Dependents' Educational Assistance established from July 23, 2013. And it does say that basic eligibility to Dependents' Education Assistance is granted as the evidence shows t
  5. John, Have been going to group sessions once per month and getting two differeent meds for PTSD. So yes I have these things documented and made it clear to the examiner that I was doing these things. Hope it all helps. Ruffcreek
  6. Update: Thanks for your response Mr. Rogers. I went to my C & P this morning. Total time with Dr. was 20 minutes in which he asked same questions as last time. At the end of his examination he asked if I wanted to add anything. I briefly scanned an outline of major points on an index card to see if I needed to add anything I also presented him a narrative written by another grunt from our company describing our last battle. I made the comment that this battle along with several other fire-fights is what I live with each and every day and night. Summary: honest answers to his que
  7. I am a 66 year old Viet Nam vet who has been 100% (temporary) for PTSD for 5 years. I am being called in for another exam this Friday. Would it be worthwhile to write my own statement telling how PTSD has negatively impacted my life to present to the examiner? Also should I make a list of notes to jog my memory when taking the exam? I am slightly nervous about the C & P and would appreciate any advise on how I may help my chances of keeping my 100%. Thanks
  8. I must not be getting SMCS since I don't know what it is. So what actually is SMCS? A VSO I talked to never said anything about the age 55 rule. In fact he said they could bring me in for an exam at any age. Is he incorrect on this and where can I find this rule? Thanks for your reply as I do appreciate it.
  9. I am a 67 year old VN vet and was rated 50% for PTSD about 8 years ago. Then 6 years ago I asked for an increase which of course resulted in another C & P. At this time I was granted a rating of 100% tempory. A year later I was called in for another C & P for PTSD and remained at 100% tempory. Now five years later I am being called in for another C & P. What has me concerned is what I need to do if they reduce my rating. Would appreciate any advise. Thanks P.S. Not that it makes any difference but I am also rated for diabetes, HBP, sleep apnea, and Ischemic Heart di
  10. Jbasser, Meg, and Berta I have obtained copies of my medical records. My Ejection Fraction was 45-50% but my resting EF was 55-60%. Which one does the VA use in rating my case? Thank you.
  11. Thanks everyone for your replies. I will get a copy of diagnosis and surgery report and submit with 21-526ez form. By the way if I have the copies of the reports to submit is it necessary to get a letter from my doctor? Also I took my prescription's for Amiodarone HCL, Coreg, and Plavix to the VA. The lady at the VA said they will call me in for an eye exam and a couple of other tests (don't recall exactly what they were called). I'm assuming I should wait until I have my VA exams and then get copies of them to submit with the 21-526ez also? Basser when I get the ejection
  12. I am a Viet Nam veteran rated 100% Total for PTSD (not permanent). Also rated for diabetes (I think 40%) and hypertension secondary to diabetes at 0%, sleep apnea secondary to PTSD at 0%, and tinitus 10%. I was diagnosed with Ischemic Heart Disease 3 weeks ago and had a stent put in 2 weeks ago. My questions are: Do I have anything to gain by filing for Ischemic Heart Disease since I already have a rating for hypertension secondary to diabetes? If I file a claim and get lets say 10% or 30%, will this help me in any way to get Permanent and Total? If I file a claim will the VA bri
  13. I have service connected diabetes. My outside physician gave me an additional prescription for Onglyza. I took the prescription to the VA but it is not on their formulary so they gave me Glipizide. Immediately my blood sugars went low even after I cut the dosage in half. This leaves me with no alternative but to take the Onglyza which I have to pay out of my own pocket at $50 per month. The question is: what is the procedure I need to take to get Onglyza through the VA? Thanks, Ruffcreek
  14. My friend had his C & P for PTSD, hearing, etc. 3 weeks ago so his claim is in process. The question is, is now a good time to add his wife as a dependent or should he wait until he gets his rating? Thanks
  15. I had a similar problem a few years ago. I was not able to locate any medical records stating I was wounded in Viet Nam, but a buddy from my platoon in Viet Nam wrote a letter for me and this along with my own letter was sent to our Senator. Within a month I had a letter back from the Dept of the Army stating there were no medical records, therefore no Purple Heart. I mistakenly thought the Senator's office would do more than just forward the letters to the Dept of the Army. About a year went by and I was working on a different claim and discovered there was a C-file at the RO. I ordered
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