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  1. Within all VSO's there are good ones and those that are lets just say "less than satisfactory." I've experienced both. Whichever VSO you choose, if you choose, you should talk to them and make sure you're comfortable with them. Whether you go with one or go it alone, what georgiapapa said above is absolutely spot on. You must be smart on the entire VA process to give yourself the best chance at success. No one is going to care about your case more than you. I've learned the hard way way and paid for it.
  2. Thanks for the reply. They definitely had my dependent records and I did not give them copies. The NP who examined me was reading things off of my records on her laptop and asking me questions about incidents in my childhood. I'll ask for my c-file and see what they send me.
  3. I was denied my claim for Allergic Rhinitis, Chronic Sinusitis and Asthma. I'm most pissed about about the Asthma being denied. They were denied based on evidence that those "asthma existed prior to service and there is no evidence that the condition permanently worsened as a result of military service." I had childhood exercised induced asthma. I was an Air Force dependent so they have my records showing that. It only occurred after physical activity. They also have evidence that it cleared up around age 12 which allowed my to enter active military service. After entering AD I start having is
  4. I filed for an increase under FDC last April and had an answer within 90 days so it can definitely be done. I don't know how the VA tracks FDC's so it's hard to say if they have a process for overdue claims. I would probably check and see what's going on. The whole reason the FDC process was implemented was to speed things up. Since you're not adding anything to the claim, I can't see why it would take a long time. Having said that, your C&P is done so I doubt it'll take a year.
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